Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trivia Corner #7 Answers

Congrats to Pat and Baygirl for scoring perfect on this round. Those two are neck and neck right at the top of the standings. Chuck, you dropped down to third, you need to step your game up.

1) How much fluid, in ounces, can the bladder of a healthy human adult hold? (1 point)

a) 20
b) 12
c) 8
d) 16
e) 24

2) Under the rules of professional football, what score is recorded for a forfeited game? (2 points)


3) How many signs of the zodiac are not represented by a living creature? (3 points)


4) Who was the first male sports figure to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine? (4 points)

Lebron James

5) What is a hippometer used to measure? (5 points)

The height of a horse


Chuck said...

Well dang...I was confused by #3 as Capricorn just don't seem real to me.

Marlene said...

Crappers. I FORGOT to play this round!

Pat Tillett said...