Thursday, December 31, 2009

'Twas a good year

Well this is probably going to be my last post of 2009 unless something great pops into my head before I start celebrating the new year. I posted a total of 131 posts on my blog this year (actually 132 if you count this one) during a span of 145 days. I started my blog on August 8th so I had about 21 weeks of 2009 to cram as much useless nonsense in. Not too bad for my first few months, that breaks down to a post a day with roughly 2 weeks leftover. I wish I had wrote more in November and December but there is no going back now unless I develop a working flux capacitor and find a Delorean in good shape.

I decided that I need to set some goals for 2010 (in life as well as for my blog). I need more consistency and accountability in my blog. My goal for January is to have 20 posts, that's about 5 posts a week. That seems very doable since I averaged about 22 posts in the last 6 months. I also would like to have someone from another blog write something to post on here. I would like to extend an invitation to the author of I Think Its Interesting to be a guest writer for 'Just the Cheese.' I would use their real name but I'm not sure if they want me to, you know who you are.

I want to actually make some money writing this blog but that seems like a lot of work. I haven't decided if I'm going to go full force into this whole thing yet. I need to work on securing a better job in the real world first before I can do anything major with this project.

As a final word for 2009 I would like some input from the masses. What did you like/dislike about my posts this past year? What can I do to improve my blog? Add anything else you want to say, positive or negative. Tell me your thoughts. See you again in 2010. Over and out.

Want a free burial?

First off I just have to say WTF!! You will probably share the same feelings after you are done reading. There is a funeral home in Rome, Georgia offering a free burial to anyone that drinks and drives on New Year's and dies in doing so.

Apparently they are trying to raise awareness on the subject of drinking and driving but in the most unethical and fucked up way. First off to get the free burial you have to sign a contract that states that you promise to drink and drive during the holiday. Who is going to sign this dumb ass contract? It's probably some sort of sting operation and you will get arrested for conspiracy to commit drinking and driving or some crazy charge.

Now what if there are other victims in the drinking and driving accidents, are they covered under this contract? This doesn't seem like it should be legal. There is definitely some kind of law being broken here but it's in the south so probably not. If you can own a slave then you can do anything. I think George W. had something to do with this scheme. What is happening to this country?

How about you just do the old fashioned thing and have a designated driver or just sleep wherever you are going to be that night. Don't be that moron that thinks they can still drive perfect when they are drunk. Most of the idiots on the road can't even drive when they are sober. Let's be safe out there folks.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sarah Mclachlan needs your help

Has anybody seen that ASPCA neglected animal commercial with Sarah McLachlan? It makes me want to go out and adopt a few cats and dogs. I've seen the commercial a few times before but every time it gets me a little choked up. The faces on those animals are so sad and adorable at the same time. It made me want to go pet my pussy cat.

I also get a little sad when I see the one about saving the polar bears. I'm not sure what they actually use the money for. Polar bears are going to be extinct soon, make a donation!!

My mother can't even watch those commercials. She has a soft spot for animals. She is always taking in other people's pets that they can't take care of anymore. In our house we have 9 cats and 3 dogs plus some goldfish and frogs. It's our own little petting zoo. Admission is only $3 but to use the bathroom will cost you $10, $1 per sheet of TP. Also pet at your own risk.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Life is like a hurricane.....

One of my favorite cartoons growing up was DuckTales. I also loved the video game for Nintendo. I'm going to throw out some trivia for you.

What is the name of the little girl that Huey, Dewey and Louie played with?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

School's out for........ winter

I took my last final last night so this semester is in the bag. No more school for a month. I can concentrate on other things like blogging which I am way behind on. One post a week just isn't cutting it. I am still getting a lot of traffic from people Googling "dirty mad libs." I don't care how they get here as long as they do.

Anyone remember the video game Battletoads for NES? Well my fiance gave me an early Christmas present and you guessed it, Battletoads. Man that game takes me back to elementary school. I remember that game being so awesome. I played a little the other day and it was just as I remembered. Battletoads had pretty advanced features in the game like picking up weapons, turning into a wrecking ball and having giant feet to crush the enemy. Someone should remake that game for Xbox 360.

The sequel game, Battletoads: Double Dragon was pretty sweet too. I love playing old video games. My mom bought that after market system that can play both NES and Super NES games on it. It plays the old games like brand new, you don't even have to blow into them. My games have been sitting up in the attic collecting dust until this year. They hadn't been played in years and they worked right away.

I want to try and re beat all 3 TMNT's and Yo Noid! Some of those old games are hard to beat because you can't save your progress so you have to play all the way through. It's kind of funny that if the NES system or the game didn't work all you had to do was blow in it or bang it a little, worked every time. Nowadays if you're not careful you can burn a hole in a PlayStation or Xbox game. Technology has come a far way but has gotten way too sensitive.

I can talk for hour on this subject of old video games but I'm gonna stop here but you can reminisce with yourself about the good old days.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best X-mas decor

You have probably seen this floating around the internet. If you haven't, it's some guys Christmas decoration. He had to take it down after 2 days by order of the police. It was a big traffic distraction and some old lady tried to actually help the dummy by picking up the 75 lb. ladder and climbing it, she wasn't too happy when she found out it wasn't a real dude.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Bob Barker or Drew Carey?

According to the polls no one wants Bob Barker as their hero. He is my hero. I used to watch The Price is Right everyday before school back in the day. Ever since I was a little tike I've wanted to be on The Price is Right. I wanted tickets to the show for my 18th birthday but sadly my wish was not granted. Now I have missed the boat because Drew Carey is the host and Bob is somewhere getting a lap dance from a 19 year old girl "working her way through school."

I don't like Drew as the host, he tries to be funny where as Bob was classy and suave. Did you know that Bob had a few sexual harassment suits on the show? He was a little too touchy feely with the stage girls; very naughty. I still want to be on the show but it won't be the same without Bob. Anybody share my feelings?

I started this post to talk about my 2 polls not to talk about Mr. Barker. Somehow My little Pony is winning as people's favorite cartoon. Either there are more ladies visiting my blog or people are just trying to be funny. I thought TMNT would win out by a landslide, it's a closer race than I figured. I loved DuckTales, that show was awesome and so was the game for Nintendo. I can still recite the theme song to it; yup I'm a loser, but one with good cartoon taste.

If you haven't voted yet there are only 1-2 weeks left and we need a clear cut winner. I don't want My Little Pony to win and Bob needs some votes. Spongebob and Batman are tied, who will be victorious?

Friday, December 11, 2009


A magician comes to a small bridge carrying 3 pieces of gold. A sign if front of the bridge reads "Weight Limit 180 lbs." The magician weighs 178 lbs and each piece of gold weighs 1 lb each. After thinking for a bit the magician is able to cross the bridge with all 3 pieces of gold in one trip. How was the magician able to cross the bridge with all 3 pieces of gold?
In this scenario let's say that the bridge is weak enough to collapse with 1 extra pound more than the limit.

Answer to Riddle

Here is the answer to the CleverRiddle since nobody was able to solve it. The way to get the ping pong ball out of the pipe is to pee in the pipe. Yeah it's gross but that is the answer. I'm sure it would be tough for a woman to do it and also would be pretty funny to watch. Better luck next time folks.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

lazy, lazy, lazy

What is going on with me? I am definitely slacking on my blog. When I started it back in August I was writing like 2 posts a day, now it's down to like 2 a week. I only have 2 posts for December (well 3 if you count this one) and it's already the 10th. I think I try to be productive during the day and writing a blog post is last on that list plus I'm not generating the ideas like I was before. I didn't think this would happen. I was all excited when I started my blog and now I don't care as much for some reason.

I remember when I started using Sitemeter and I was all excited when I got 20 visitors. Now I'm almost at 2000 visitors and it doesn't phase me that much, I'm like "ehh." I have come to realize that any new thing in my life turns into a phase. For example I tried to learn how to juggle, I played computer scrabble for awhile, chess, certain video games, well you get the point. I am trying not to have blogging become just a phase. I want to keep up with it.

I don't really like to talk about current events because everybody does that. I find things unusual and different to discuss like the fancy toilet post and complaining about people. I need to reformat my blog and get into a routine of writing posts if I ever want this to make me any money or turn into something big. I also haven't put up a riddle in awhile. I think school and homework might be getting in the way. Do I really need a better edumication?

I'll sit down and come up with some ideas for you loyal readers. To the drawing bat cave!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pet Peeves

I have come to realize that I dislike and am annoyed by the general population. The things people do and say really irritate me. For example: more and more people are driving way too slow, especially on the parkway. If the speed limit is 55, don't go 40 you freakin' jackass! Even more annoying are the people that like to make their turns at 2 mph like they have premature babies on top of their car and they are being extra cautious. Please learn how to drive people or I'm going to have to go Tonya Harding on your ass.

My pet peeve isn't just slow drivers, it's also slow people. No, I'm not talking about mentally challenged people, that's cruel and I'm not Satan. I'm talking about people that don't understand what you are saying after you have explained it 10 times over and are just plain dumb. Those people are very annoying and ask the dumbest questions. Talking to them makes you want to give yourself a frontal lobotomy with a rusty butter knife.

Am I too cynical? Am I the only person that feels this way? I feel the general population is getting dumber and relying too much on technology to help them out. Maybe it's because I view myself as an intelligent person and look down on the morons. I recently took an IQ test and scored a 142. It says that I am border-line genius. Einstein (I think, don't quote me on this) only had an IQ of 178. I feel I am destined for great things, I have no idea what those great things are just that I am destined for them. Okay I'm starting to ramble and that's my cue to go invent something awesome.

So stop driving so slow and stop being a moron. Good day.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great "first kiss"

I'm going to change things up today and share my feelings instead of being sarcastic. It's a rare event so you might want to soak it all in. This post is going to mainly be about my fiance Nicole, well because she deserves it for putting up with me. Okay on to the serious stuff.

As you may already know (if you follow my blog) Nicole and I are recently engaged, a month to be exact and things have never been better. Giving her that ring has brought out all my feelings and emotions. I have been more loving, affectionate and well, girly in a matter of speaking. I am always thinking about the future with her which puts a big smile on my face. I can definitely see myself growing old with her.

The main catalyst for this blog post is a kiss we had the other day. It was a goodbye kiss we had in the parking lot after having some subway before I left for school. It was one of those amazing first kiss type kisses where you really connect with the person on an emotional level. We kiss a lot but this one was different, it stayed on my mind for the next few hours. It was very passionate and deep and I hated that I had to leave for school. It was a kiss that would of turned into some great love making (especially for conception.)

I love kissing Nicole, sometimes it's better than sex, yeah I said it. And I'm not talking about making out because that's what horny teenagers do. I'm talking about passionate kissing that lasts so long that your mouth is all dried out. I find the best kissing comes when you know there isn't going to be any sex. When sex is involves the kissing tends to get cut short and other parts get touched instead. However sometimes the best kissing comes during really great sex. I guess it's one of those in the moment type situations.

You know how you get a craving for food, well I get cravings to kiss Nicole. A lot of times I will be on my way to see her thinking about kissing her hello and I will get all excited and anxious. Very often I will just turn to her and plant a big one on her lips and she will say "what was that for?" I had to satisfy my craving. I love her very much and we are very happy together. I can't wait to be her husband!!