Thursday, November 29, 2012

Simple & Fun Question of the Week

Q: What are worst pet names you can think of for a cat? A dog? A pony?

Monday, November 26, 2012

State Propositions

I know it's a few weeks after the election and a lot of you are tired of politics but here is a list of state propositions and initiatives that you probably didn't read about.


Not Passed: Prop 81 - Seceding from the United States and becoming a province of Canada

Passed: Prop 12 - Banning Celine Dion from performing at any event forever

New Jersey

Not Passed: Prop 22 - Installing battering rams on all motor vehicles

Passed: The Snooki Initiative: The accidental death of Snooki will not be investigated


Not Passed: The Favre Initiative - Every 100th male child born will be named Brett

Passed: Prop 56 - The top row of all vending machines will be replaced with cheese


Not Passed: Prop 73 - Fast Food size Mega Triple Extra Grande

Passed: The Curious Rancher Initiative - Sex with farm animals will no longer be frowned upon


Not Passed: The Corn Initiative - Corn will replace paper money as new currency

Passed: Prop 99 - Anyone confusing our state with Ohio will get tased


Not Passed: The Volcano Initiative - Once a month a virgin will be sacrificed to the volcano

Passed: Prop 37 - Every Friday is Hawaiian shirt day


Not Passed: Prop 94 - The age limit for walking around a mall is 55

Passed: The Mickey Mouse Initiative - Every Florida citizen receives 5 shares of Disney stock

Friday, November 23, 2012

My Ipod might be lying to me

This is a repost from two years ago. I assumed many people were reposting because that is the thing to do around the holidays. If you are a new follower you probably haven't read it.

I have an app on my ipod called 'Cool Facts'. I find these so called facts very interesting and I'm also skeptical of them but what the hell do I know. Would Steve Jobs lie to me? Here are some random ones I picked. Do you think they are all true?

63 feet of wire is required to make a Slinky toy.

"101 Dalmatians" and "Peter Pan" are the only Disney animations in which both of a character's parents are present and don't die during the movie.

Cher's last name was Sarkissian, she changed it because no one could pronounce it and it would not be accepted in show business.

The honeybee kills more people worldwide than all the poisonous snakes combined.

85% of all Valentine's Day cards are purchases by women.

Most Greyhounds are universal blood donors and are used to provide extra blood during another dog's surgery.

Gutzon Borgium, the sculptor of the four Presidents on Mount Rushmore, died a few months before the project was completed. It took him 14 years.

A human's scent membrane in the nose is about the size of a postage stamp. A dog's is about the size of a handkerchief. 

The first TONKA truck was made in 1947.

Holland has the densest population per square mile of any nation in the world.

The DNA of humans is closer to a rat than a cat.

The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean.

When gentlemen in medieval Japan wished to seal an agreement, they urinated together, crisscrossing their streams of urine.

In other blog related news, Mr. Peanut beat Mr. Monopoly in their battle on November 12th. He only won by one little vote. If you missed that post for some reason which you can't explain and will make up a ridiculous excuse in two minutes, click HERE.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Simple & Fun Question of the Week: Thanksgiving style

I figured not many people would be posting or reading around the holiday so might as well be a little lazy with the post.

Q: Would you rather have to kill your own turkey for thanksgiving by beheading it OR drink two cups of gravy?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pros & Cons: Having your own Blog

10 pros and cons on having your own Blog


  1. It creates new friendships
  2. Helps develop writing skills
  3. You get introduced to hot celebrities
  4. You inadvertently learn the truth behind the JFK assassination
  5. Self esteem booster
  6. Potential one night stands
  7. You get nominated for a Bloggy
  8. You receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  9. Takes your mind off the imminent Zombie Apocalypse
  10. Socially and intellectually satisfying

  1. Relentless daily upkeep
  2. Your blog posts naked pics of you on Twitter
  3. Your spouse nags that you are wasting your time and not spending time with them
  4. Your blog cheats on you with other bloggers
  5. Writer's block/can't come up with new ideas
  6. Blogger constantly showing signs of bugs and errors
  7. Your blog orders things off of ebay without your knowledge
  8. Most blogs are allergic to cats
  9. SPAM
  10. Time consuming

Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh, How I Miss You Blogfest

If you don't know what this post is about head over to Alex J. Cavanaugh's Blog to join the fun and then come back here to finish reading this.

Come back, I miss you -

Cheeseboy from The Blog O' Cheese - He last posted 8 months ago. He is still very active on Twitter and Facebook but I miss his humorous and odd blog posts. Cheeseboy come back to the blogger world!!

Oilfield Trash from Make Daddy a Sammich - He posted 2 weeks ago that he is still alive but it almost been a year since his hiatus. I will stop with the threatening letters if you come back for good.

The Invisible Seductress from THE INVISIBLE SEDUCTRESS - She has had many problems in her life but still manages to stay afloat. She was an awesome part of my blogger trio with Rawknrobyn. She has an amazing way with words and I have always enjoyed anything she has written..

I know I was only suppose to mention 1 to 3 blogger I miss but I want to give a shout out to 2 bloggers who have been missing from the blogosphere for over 2 years. They would be Asblackasobama from I Think It's Interesting and Jerry from My Thoughts Brought to the Light. They were good people.

Don't leave, I would miss you -

Alex J. Cavanaugh from Alex J. Cavanaugh - Alex is an integral cog that keeps this blogosphere moving in the right direction. I think most people would be devastated if Alex left and I am sure he is on many a lists.

Bryan and Brandon from A Beer for the Shower - These guys can draw and be funny. I love the comic art that they have in almost every post. Normally I don't like reading long posts but theirs are worth it.

Rawknrobyn from Life By Chocolate - Robyn and I have been through a lot together. So many guest posts I can't even count. She is my blogging buddy and she always leaves great comments.

There are a lot of other bloggers and blogs I would miss but I was only allowed to pick three and these are the ones that came to mind. It doesn't mean that I don't appreciate you too. Go create your own post about who you miss or would miss if you haven't yet.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simple & Fun Question of the Week

I was posting this on Mondays but I think I will post it on random days from now on to keep you on your toes. Maybe one week I won't post it at all and drive you crazy.

Q: Can you put anything on a pizza and still call it a pizza? Are there ingredients that it needs to possess in order for it to be called a pizza? Have you concocted your own odd recipe?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to Step Up

This post is not about that dancing movie. For a long time now I have been trying to get back into a flow or consistent state of blogging. I have not been able to. I am not the same blogger I used to be, I am a little lazier now. That kind of pisses me off. I always say to myself I am going to do this or that but I don't follow through. Maybe planning a wedding and moving had a little to do with it but I don't want to make excuses. I would rather create a plan of action.

I wrote down some points that I would like to stick to related to blogging. I titled my notes 'blog standards'. Each week I would like to accomplish each of these points so that I can be more consistent and create a better flow like in the olden days. I want you, the reader, to hold me accountable. If you notice I am slacking feel free to kick me in the ass. Right now I have 11 key points, they are as follows:

  1. Write at least 2 posts per week. I would like to eventually write 3 per week. I used to write 5 a week. I don't know how I kept it up.
  2. Receive a minimum of 10 comments per post. I don't have as much control over this but if I read and comment on enough blogs I should get that in return.
  3. Comment for a comment. Whoever comments on my blog, I will return the favor.
  4. Read a minimum of 5-10 blogs per day. I most likely will only be reading Sunday thru Friday.
  5. Utilize my Just the Cheese Facebook page to promote posts.
  6. Utilize Twitter to reach more readers and fellow bloggers.
  7. Reply to all comments I receive on Just The Cheese via email.
  8. Read one new blog per week.
  9. Keep blog looking clean and fresh. Remove clutter and blogs from blogroll that aren't active. 
  10. Have a guest poster or guest post on another blog once a month.
  11. Have fun and write whatever the fuck I want.. 
I do most of this anyway. I lack most on posting and reading consistently. I want to go back to 2010 where I wrote 321 posts that year. Last year I only wrote 84. What the hell happened? I want to be a staple blog in the blogosphere. I feel I have lost some of my appeal. Okay, time to stop bitching about my blog laziness. Now I am off to read your blogs. 
Oh yeah, If you read my last post I told you I had a secret to tell you. In 7 months I am going to be a daddy!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wedding Bliss

I am now a married man. I can't get used to this ring on my finger yet. I don't wear jewelry, except for a watch every now and then so this is new to me. Nicole and I got married on October 20th. It felt like the day would never come. Maybe because it was a three year engagement. I might be slightly biased but it was the best wedding I had every attended. I danced until I had calluses on my toes, then I took off my shoes and danced some more.

Nicole was a beautiful bride. She looked amazing in her dress. If you are friends with me on Facebook you can view some wedding pics. I have to give props to Nicole for having the idea to have a candy table. Our guests stormed that thing like we were giving away money. Anyone need any candy? We have a lot left over. You just have to pay for shipping.

Anthony's Pier Nine really knows how to put together a wedding reception. If you are looking for a venue to get married or have a party at, I would highly recommend Anthony's Pier Nine in New Windsor, New York. There was so much freaking food!! There is no way anyone went home hungry. Our DJ, MC, photographer and videographer were also pretty awesome. Jimmy Dee Music and Fantasy Flash Photography are top notch. They are out of White Plains, New York. I wish I was getting paid to recommend these places.

It was a blast, I wish I could do it again. I couldn't of asked for a better wedding. And it was such a beautiful day to top it off. I'm still not sure why none of my blogger friends showed up, I have Nicole all the invitations to mail out. Damn that post office!! Maybe I will see some of you when we renew our vows. I kept this post short and sweet. I may give more details in a future post if you are interested.

I have other good news to tell you but I'm going to keep it a secret for now and hope that you rack your brain with curiosity.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Naked shadows

I decided not to post this week (except for this post) since a lot of people were/are without power because of hurricane Sandy. I wasn't sure how many people would be able to blog this week. This post is just to say I will be up and blogging next week. Maybe I will tell you about my wedding, maybe I won't. Stay tuned.