Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to Step Up

This post is not about that dancing movie. For a long time now I have been trying to get back into a flow or consistent state of blogging. I have not been able to. I am not the same blogger I used to be, I am a little lazier now. That kind of pisses me off. I always say to myself I am going to do this or that but I don't follow through. Maybe planning a wedding and moving had a little to do with it but I don't want to make excuses. I would rather create a plan of action.

I wrote down some points that I would like to stick to related to blogging. I titled my notes 'blog standards'. Each week I would like to accomplish each of these points so that I can be more consistent and create a better flow like in the olden days. I want you, the reader, to hold me accountable. If you notice I am slacking feel free to kick me in the ass. Right now I have 11 key points, they are as follows:

  1. Write at least 2 posts per week. I would like to eventually write 3 per week. I used to write 5 a week. I don't know how I kept it up.
  2. Receive a minimum of 10 comments per post. I don't have as much control over this but if I read and comment on enough blogs I should get that in return.
  3. Comment for a comment. Whoever comments on my blog, I will return the favor.
  4. Read a minimum of 5-10 blogs per day. I most likely will only be reading Sunday thru Friday.
  5. Utilize my Just the Cheese Facebook page to promote posts.
  6. Utilize Twitter to reach more readers and fellow bloggers.
  7. Reply to all comments I receive on Just The Cheese via email.
  8. Read one new blog per week.
  9. Keep blog looking clean and fresh. Remove clutter and blogs from blogroll that aren't active. 
  10. Have a guest poster or guest post on another blog once a month.
  11. Have fun and write whatever the fuck I want.. 
I do most of this anyway. I lack most on posting and reading consistently. I want to go back to 2010 where I wrote 321 posts that year. Last year I only wrote 84. What the hell happened? I want to be a staple blog in the blogosphere. I feel I have lost some of my appeal. Okay, time to stop bitching about my blog laziness. Now I am off to read your blogs. 
Oh yeah, If you read my last post I told you I had a secret to tell you. In 7 months I am going to be a daddy!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wow, you are more organized that I am! And yes, comment to get comments.
Congratulations! Glad you're excited. That news would've terrified me.

Mark said...

Congratulations on the baby :D While some of those things can help keep the blog going, and writing down your goals really does help you achieve them, I don't think you need to visit new blogs all that often. When you have yourself a consistent viewership then you can settle down, and step back a little when it comes to finding new blogs. Then you do it for fun, and it's not so bad.

Adam said...

congrats man

Ms. A said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Now that's something you won't be able to slack on!

Birgit said...

Oh you will be able to watch Dora the Explorer and the purple dinasaur until you wish you could gauge out your eyes with toothpicks:) The love for your child will make you stop that and you will downright enjoy the dinasaur. When you have time to blog, blog, when you don't, don't:) All new changes so don;t place too much on yourself-I just love reading your stuff.Now for the question of the week? Where is it? No pressure or anything:))

Al Penwasser said...

Congratulations on the baby. Oh boy, life will never be the same.
I like your plan of action. I will be scaling down quite a bit because I just don't have as much time as I'd like. Mrs. Penwasser has me doing a whole range of (needed) projects around the house. So, my time for blogging will become quite limited.
I want to write about just that. But I don't have the time.
Therein lies my point.

Chuck said...

I feel your blog has changed more than Oprah's weight! I have been up and down in posts and content. I like your list and agree with most all of it.

And very cool...Dad! I am sure you cannot wait.

Shockgrubz said...

There is a reason I enjoy coming here. It is the genuine funniness of your original content mixed with your personal nature. If I follow your lead, we can achieve our blogging goals!

Bart said...

i'll be honest with ya, i dont know how ive been blogging for as long as i have. just gotta keep on givering. good luck.

AccordingtoJewels said...

CONGRATS!!! :D Get into the blogging rhythm again before that baby comes because when it life is going to change (for the better of course).

Baby Sister said...

I am in the same boat. I just don't have the energy or time to write as much as I used to.

Congratulations on the pregnancy!! That's exciting!! :D