Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Paw Patrol Concerns

If you are a parent of a young child or you are a lonely loser that watches kids' cartoons, you have probably watched a few episodes of Paw Patrol. My 2 year old son is addicted to it and it is basically the only show he will watch. I have  a few issues with this show. Maybe you have similar thoughts. If you have never seen the show, go watch an episode and then read my gripes.

  •  They have a lot of expensive vehicles and gadgets. Who is funding the Paw Patrol? Is it the taxpayers of Adventure Bay or a wealthy backer?

  • How is it that the pups can talk but not any other animal?

  •  How old is Rider and where are his parents?

  •  How come we never get to see the town of Foggy Bottom?

  •  How does Marshall store so much water in his water cannons? There is no room in his pack.

  •  How does Mayor Humdinger continue to get reelected?

  •  Zuma is very underutilized, what's up with that?

  •  How does PETA feel about the Paw Patrol?

  •  Do the Paw Patrol vehicles run on gas or are they electric?

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thoughts of an Uber passenger

Thoughts of an Uber passenger

  • Is this driver going to rape or murder me?
  • It's not raining, why is this seat wet?
  • Oh great, another Indian guy I can't understand
  • That 3rd breakfast burrito was a big mistake
  • Please don't talk to me, please don't talk to me, please don't talk to me
  • Do I tell him his car smells like a sweaty gym sock or does he already know that?
  • I can see you trying to look at my tits in the rear view mirror!!
  • Yeah, that's what we all want, lukewarm bottles of water and a bucket of butterscotch candy
  • I really can't tell if this driver is male or female. If I could only sneak a pic of him/her to show someone. What's their name again? Oh, right, Jamie, that doesn't help. The voice could go either way too. I don't really see boobs but that doesn't mean anything. Oh my god this is driving me crazy!!