Friday, May 9, 2014

Guess what?

Well it's that time again where I actually have free time and I am inspired to write a blog post. This is where I make promises about blogging that I won't be able to keep like posting more frequently and reading all the blogs that I am behind on. I keep saying that I will get back to a regular schedule of blogging but it just doesn't happen. I didn't think I would turn into one of those people that just disappeared from the blogosphere. I keep trying to come back but I don't have the same motivation and determination that I used to have. I totally missed the A to Z challenge this year but that would have been really tough to do since I haven't been at all consistent with my posts in the past year. I want to say that I will get back on track and do some writing and reading this summer since I don't have school but those are high aspirations.

My daughter is keeping me quite busy. She will already be a year old in June. I will have to remember to post some pictures and videos for you ladies that love babies. I am going to keep this short so I don't end up rambling on forever. Hopefully I will be back soon.

I will leave you with this thought: chocolate flavored coffee is called mocha but coffee flavored chocolate is also called mocha, why is that?