Friday, November 23, 2012

My Ipod might be lying to me

This is a repost from two years ago. I assumed many people were reposting because that is the thing to do around the holidays. If you are a new follower you probably haven't read it.

I have an app on my ipod called 'Cool Facts'. I find these so called facts very interesting and I'm also skeptical of them but what the hell do I know. Would Steve Jobs lie to me? Here are some random ones I picked. Do you think they are all true?

63 feet of wire is required to make a Slinky toy.

"101 Dalmatians" and "Peter Pan" are the only Disney animations in which both of a character's parents are present and don't die during the movie.

Cher's last name was Sarkissian, she changed it because no one could pronounce it and it would not be accepted in show business.

The honeybee kills more people worldwide than all the poisonous snakes combined.

85% of all Valentine's Day cards are purchases by women.

Most Greyhounds are universal blood donors and are used to provide extra blood during another dog's surgery.

Gutzon Borgium, the sculptor of the four Presidents on Mount Rushmore, died a few months before the project was completed. It took him 14 years.

A human's scent membrane in the nose is about the size of a postage stamp. A dog's is about the size of a handkerchief. 

The first TONKA truck was made in 1947.

Holland has the densest population per square mile of any nation in the world.

The DNA of humans is closer to a rat than a cat.

The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean.

When gentlemen in medieval Japan wished to seal an agreement, they urinated together, crisscrossing their streams of urine.

In other blog related news, Mr. Peanut beat Mr. Monopoly in their battle on November 12th. He only won by one little vote. If you missed that post for some reason which you can't explain and will make up a ridiculous excuse in two minutes, click HERE.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I definitely believe the one about Valentine's Day cards.

Mark said...

Most of them sound kinda true but if you get curious there's a Wikipedia page dedicated to common mistakes. I'm not sure the parents of anybody were shown in Peter Pan though.

Adam said...
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Adam said...

Most of those facts are really hard to confirm. As roughly 1/3 of my blog is "trivia facts", I usually send these to the junk pile since I can't use them with confidence.

For example I really hate the statistics ones. Anyone can make up statistics, 49% of all people know that.

Chuck said...

I know some people whose DNA is EXACTLY a match to a rat!!

Birgit said...

Holland has the densest population??? I would think China or India but oh well. Wendy's parents are shown in peter Pan although peter Pan has no family so...hmmmm but yes even in Bambi, his mom is shot. I believe the DNA part about rat vs cat

Tamara said...

The Disney fact is definitely false. MOST of Disney's movies only had one parent, no parents, or a parent being killed, but I can definitely think of exceptions.

Lady and the Tramp has both parents in it--the parents of the baby and Lady and Tramp as parents of puppies in the end.

Both of Sleeping Beauty's parents are in the beginning of the movie, and then again at the end when the spell breaks and everyone wakes up.

In Hercules both his real parents and his adoptive parents are alive throughout the movie.

So that fact being so blatantly false really makes me doubt the rest of them. I know my Disney films!!! haha

Baby Sister said...

Tamara stole my thunder. :) I was going to to mention all of those. Lol Plus Tangled. Mulan. Brave. Yeah, I don't believe the Disney one. I don't know about the others though. They are pretty cool to read.

Rhonda Albom said...

The honeybee one would most likely be true but it would be related to bee sting allergies vs very few people die from snake bite. As for Disney, I think it is true, it says what Tamara says - most movies don't have two parents.