Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great "first kiss"

I'm going to change things up today and share my feelings instead of being sarcastic. It's a rare event so you might want to soak it all in. This post is going to mainly be about my fiance Nicole, well because she deserves it for putting up with me. Okay on to the serious stuff.

As you may already know (if you follow my blog) Nicole and I are recently engaged, a month to be exact and things have never been better. Giving her that ring has brought out all my feelings and emotions. I have been more loving, affectionate and well, girly in a matter of speaking. I am always thinking about the future with her which puts a big smile on my face. I can definitely see myself growing old with her.

The main catalyst for this blog post is a kiss we had the other day. It was a goodbye kiss we had in the parking lot after having some subway before I left for school. It was one of those amazing first kiss type kisses where you really connect with the person on an emotional level. We kiss a lot but this one was different, it stayed on my mind for the next few hours. It was very passionate and deep and I hated that I had to leave for school. It was a kiss that would of turned into some great love making (especially for conception.)

I love kissing Nicole, sometimes it's better than sex, yeah I said it. And I'm not talking about making out because that's what horny teenagers do. I'm talking about passionate kissing that lasts so long that your mouth is all dried out. I find the best kissing comes when you know there isn't going to be any sex. When sex is involves the kissing tends to get cut short and other parts get touched instead. However sometimes the best kissing comes during really great sex. I guess it's one of those in the moment type situations.

You know how you get a craving for food, well I get cravings to kiss Nicole. A lot of times I will be on my way to see her thinking about kissing her hello and I will get all excited and anxious. Very often I will just turn to her and plant a big one on her lips and she will say "what was that for?" I had to satisfy my craving. I love her very much and we are very happy together. I can't wait to be her husband!!

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