Thursday, December 31, 2009

Want a free burial?

First off I just have to say WTF!! You will probably share the same feelings after you are done reading. There is a funeral home in Rome, Georgia offering a free burial to anyone that drinks and drives on New Year's and dies in doing so.

Apparently they are trying to raise awareness on the subject of drinking and driving but in the most unethical and fucked up way. First off to get the free burial you have to sign a contract that states that you promise to drink and drive during the holiday. Who is going to sign this dumb ass contract? It's probably some sort of sting operation and you will get arrested for conspiracy to commit drinking and driving or some crazy charge.

Now what if there are other victims in the drinking and driving accidents, are they covered under this contract? This doesn't seem like it should be legal. There is definitely some kind of law being broken here but it's in the south so probably not. If you can own a slave then you can do anything. I think George W. had something to do with this scheme. What is happening to this country?

How about you just do the old fashioned thing and have a designated driver or just sleep wherever you are going to be that night. Don't be that moron that thinks they can still drive perfect when they are drunk. Most of the idiots on the road can't even drive when they are sober. Let's be safe out there folks.

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California Keys said...

That sounds like an incentive to drink and drive! Burials are expensive.... But not mine.... I'm going to get my casket from Costco!