Monday, December 14, 2009

Bob Barker or Drew Carey?

According to the polls no one wants Bob Barker as their hero. He is my hero. I used to watch The Price is Right everyday before school back in the day. Ever since I was a little tike I've wanted to be on The Price is Right. I wanted tickets to the show for my 18th birthday but sadly my wish was not granted. Now I have missed the boat because Drew Carey is the host and Bob is somewhere getting a lap dance from a 19 year old girl "working her way through school."

I don't like Drew as the host, he tries to be funny where as Bob was classy and suave. Did you know that Bob had a few sexual harassment suits on the show? He was a little too touchy feely with the stage girls; very naughty. I still want to be on the show but it won't be the same without Bob. Anybody share my feelings?

I started this post to talk about my 2 polls not to talk about Mr. Barker. Somehow My little Pony is winning as people's favorite cartoon. Either there are more ladies visiting my blog or people are just trying to be funny. I thought TMNT would win out by a landslide, it's a closer race than I figured. I loved DuckTales, that show was awesome and so was the game for Nintendo. I can still recite the theme song to it; yup I'm a loser, but one with good cartoon taste.

If you haven't voted yet there are only 1-2 weeks left and we need a clear cut winner. I don't want My Little Pony to win and Bob needs some votes. Spongebob and Batman are tied, who will be victorious?

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California Keys said...

I think Drew Carey is doing a pretty good job... I think Bob was better, but Drew's not so bad....

My grandmother watched the show religiously.... And even after her eyesight failed, she would watch the show and scream prices at the television....

How can you not include William Shatner on the list?