Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trivia Corner #3 Answers

This round was a doozy. Nobody got all 5 answers correct. A few of you came close. I was looking for a very specific answer for question #3. Everyone had good guesses but not what I was looking for. Congrats to Pat for scoring the most points in this round. Congrats to RawknRobyn for having the most hilarious answers. Here are Robyn's answers:

1) B (especially the middle one)
2) Withdrawal symptoms after prison release involving severe head banging (of innocent strangers' heads), impersonating Barry Manilow, and eating raw eggs (with shells).
3) They are hatched by a kangaroo
4) Oy, you're killing me, PTM. Tanzania
5) Bruce Jenner No? Dick Clark?

Here are the correct ones:

1) What is the most commonly fractured bone in the human body? (1 point)

a) Ulna (Wrist)
b) Metacarpal (finger)
c) Rib
d) Talus (ankle)
e) Clavicle (collar bone)

2) Misprision is a crime that could land someone in prison. What is it? (2 points)

It's the neglect of failure to prevent or report a crime by someone who is not an accessory to that crime.

3) What is unusual about the eggs of the seabird know as the guillemot? (3 points)

The eggs are pear-shaped, which is fortunate because the guillemot nests on steep cliffs and lays its eggs on bare rock. Because of its shape, a guillemot egg will roll in a circle if disturbed, and will not fall off the cliff.

4) What island nation is the only remaining monarchy in the Pacific? (4 points)


5) What legendary 1960 Olympic gold medalist had the honor of marking the start of the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, Georgia, by lighting the cauldron with the Olympic torch? (5 points)

Muhammad Ali

Make sure you stop by next Monday for some more points. Don't forget to check the standings.


Marlene said...

Woohoo - I got a couple right, anyway.

Laughing my arse off at Robyn's answers... only Robyn.

The Invisible Seductress said...

I knew it!!!

(she says pretending she got them all right)

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

What? None of my answers were right? Oh, I was just kidding. I knew them all too, like Seductress. I just wanted to make Marlene laugh her arse off. Cuz she's my friend. Thanks for posting them, teacher, and for the extra credit points. I'm glad you liked the chocolate I bribed you with. You're the bestest!

Sara said...

I just realized that I rank #11!!! Wooooooo. Happy day...oh happy day.