Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Have a Surprise For You and It's Not a Toaster

I am sick and tired of receiving all of these awards. I am not that special. I am not that awesome. Please stop reading my blog, it's a waste of your time. You should..... "Hey pirate, what are you doing on my computer? How did you get in here again? Stop writing whatever you are typing!!"
"Haha, you will never catch me!!" (Pirate jumps through the window). "Dammit, I didn't get pirate coverage yet, that window is gonna have to come out of my giraffe fund, I will never be able to afford one now."

Sorry about that folks. I don't know how the pirate got in again. He somehow managed to get past the moat full of mutant tiger sharks (half tiger, half shark) and the clones of Mr. T. I have received a few awards over the past month that I finally need to recognize because if I don't who will? You? Probably not.

The first one is The EOD (end of days) award from Chuck over at Apocalypse Now. He made this award himself. I forget why I got the award. Probably because I bribed him with some pie and double stuf oreos. The other award is from The Invisible Seductress over at the blog of the same name (psst, it's called The Invisible Seductress). I got that fancy award for being a loyal slave...err blog follower and commenter. Thank you to both Chuck and Seductress for the lovely prizes. If you don't follow their blogs then you should hit yourself over the head with a big rock.

Now before I get on with the meat and potatoes (or broccoli and potatoes for our vegetarian bloggers) of this post I want to recognize muah for surpassing 400 posts!! You can't see me (or maybe you can, I don't know who is stalking me now) but I am doing a little jig in my computer chair. It kind of looks like I'm skiing without moving my legs, just my arms. I am sure it will be on youtube tomorrow.

Now that I received some awards, I want to give one out myself. For the first time I am giving out my own award. I didn't receive this particular award from anybody. I didn't actually make the award, I found it on google.

During the months of June and July I decided to keep track of who commented on my blog. I tallied them for about a month. To answer your question, yes I am a big dork with nothing better to do with my time. I received comments from over 60 different bloggers. Originally I was going to award the top 10 commenters but in honor of the ongoing dirty dozen posts, I am awarding the top 12. There aren't any rules attached to this award, just display it on your blog with some class. You can do a post about it if you feel like it, no obligation. So here are the winners in order of comments.

Blogger - Blog - # of Comments

Pat - Pat Tillett - 20
Alex -
Alex J. Cavanaugh - 20
RawknRobyn -
Life by Chocolate - 19
The Invisible Seductress -
The Invisible Seductress - 17
Chuck -
Apocalypse Now - 16
Passionofthemom -
Something To Talk About - 12
Nippy the Penguin - Crazy Penguin Ramblings - 11
Baygirl32 -
What's the Story Morning Glory? - 9
Marg - Finding Neverland - 8
Cheeseboy - The Blog O' Cheese - 8
Arlee bird -
Tossing it Out - 8
T.S. -
The Non-Review - 7

Thank you to all of you for all your awesome comments. Now if I see you slacking on comments over the next few weeks I will take that award back so fast it will give you award burn all over your hands. Click on any of the blogs to check them out. I dare you.

15 comments: said...

The camera man thanks you for keeping the restraints on. I thank you for keeping the restraints on. I mean, for the award! The blogosphere would be so boring without your outrageous humor.

baygirl32 said...

no take backs!

Pat Tillett said...

Thanks Jamie!
Thanks for the award
Thanks for the no strings attached
Thanks for having an awesome blog

Does this count as my 21st comment?

Baby Sister said...

Yay for seducing


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No slacking here! Thanks, Dude!

Let us know when the YouTube video is available...

TS Hendrik said...

Thanks man. Pretty sweet looking award.
I guess I'm on the bottom of the barrel. Thanks for pointing that out. lol.
I will try to comment more in the future. I hate award burn.

Sylvia Plathypus said...

I'm definitely not going to slack off on my commenting now...I'm allergic to award burn!! It makes my lips puff up like I have DSL and gives me wicked flatulence. LMAO Thanks so much for the rockin' award!! I shall display it with pride and make sure every visitor gives it the proper due! =)

Marlene said...

How the heck did I not rate? I know I've been commenting regularly! HA!!! (Ok, so I just found you not too long ago....excuses, excuses.)

Cheeseboy said...

I am honored. But disappointed. I should be #1. Why am I not #1?! Oh yeah, comments.

I am going to overtake the top. Just you wait.

Congrats, and sir, you ARE special.

m. said...

i am impressed with your tallying.
i don't know if i'd have the stamina, or the determination.

you do deserve all the awards you get but :)

Chuck said...

Much appreciated Jamie. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Pat's ahead of me on everything, dammit! (Love ya pat!)

Arlee Bird said...

Gosh, thanks! I guess keeping track of comments is one way of deciding on who to give an award to. Guess I need to comment more in order to move my name up the list.

Tossing It Out

The Invisible Seductress said...

Aw thanks!!!!

The Invisible Seductress said...

Aw Thanks ,,,, Oh Thank YOU!!!

The Invisible Seductress said...

I love your blog!! And commenting on it, this last comment should actually put me over Rawkin Robyn's total and give me a leg up on the next comment award ceremony...winks...But you really do deserve all the awards because every post is always a joy!!!