Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun For the Whole Family

Has anyone ever played the board game Mad Gab? It's a simple word game that is a lot of fun. It's not about what you say, it's about what you hear. For example read the following phrase aloud: Law Sand Jealous. Sometimes you have to say it fast to "hear" it. Did you hear Los Angeles? Here is another one: Apparel Owe Furs. Did you hear A Pair of Loafers? Now it only works if you say the words out loud. You won't hear the actual answer if you try and say it in your head.

This game is fun with a lot of people. Laughing hysterically always ensues. So for some simple fun I thought I would put some words/phrases from the game on here and you try to guess them.

There are no points involved, just some laughs. Under each set of words is the answer, just right click with your mouse and highlight.

Q: Us Cooled Each Her
A: A School Teacher

Q: Eggs Truck Itch Up
A: Extra Ketchup

Q: Europe Ray Fear Own
A: You're a Brave Hero

Q: Ease Bag Kin These Had Dull
A: He's back in the saddle

Q: Hit Snotty Fin Clothes
A: It's not even close

Q: Muff Heater Gold
A: My feet are cold

Q: Bat Chill Harp Hearty
A: Bachelor Party

Q: Hike Hen Sit Hen Year Rise
A: I can see it in your eyes

Q: Better Hoses
A: Bed of roses

Q: Ask Wig Cuss Awful Ash
A: As quick as a flash

Q: Sofa Kin We Tart It
A: So fucking retarded

So how did you do? It's a little tough at first but once you get going they will come to you right away. I hope some of you were playing this at the office and your coworkers were looking at you funny.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wow, I suck at that!

Unknown said...

YOu have to say them a few times in a few different ways to get them, but I think they're fun.


baygirl32 said...

Ok, I got a few of em, Eggs Truck Itch Up, Hit Snotty Fin Clothes, Muff Heater Gold, Bat Chill Harp Hearty, Hike Hen Sit Hen Year Rise, Ask Wig Cuss Awful Ash

But my favorite: Sofa Kin We Tart It!!

Hart Johnson said...

Say! This is FUN! It does seem like an excellent game for a big group, but suddenly my feet are cold. said...

Cool game, PTM. Aysuckatit.

Marnie said...

I like this game. I remember the commercial "willia air ye me".

Marlene said...

Oh my......I didn't get ANY of them until I hit the LAST one. THAT ONE, I got...just like that. Says a lot about me, eh?

Debbie said...

It does take some practice. It is a fun game!

Nippy The Penguin said...

nice I like this game hehe , got most of em go me.

Sylvia Plathypus said...

ROTFLMAO Shit, I can NOT believe I fell for the last one!! My hubby does that one all the effin' time. xD Good one, PTM!!

Chuck said...

That was nice mental exercise before bed...thanks!

Cruella Collett said...

I think you have to be a native speaker to get these... Suddenly I discovered I do have an accent :P

Copyboy said...

Most gave me trouble, except the last one. I've heard and had it done to me before. That's all I'll say. haha

Arlee Bird said...

I think it's just not the same when you do it by yourself. I can see my daughters and their friends playing this. I don't think it would go over well with my wife and her family since English is a second language for the ones who speak English. Then again if they were willing to play it would probably be kind of funny.


Momma Fargo said...

Over here to check you out on Tree's recommendation. You are very funny! Keep it up!

Saimi said...

Nice interview with Tree! Had to check you out cuz any friend/follow of Cheeseboy is a friend/follower of mine HA!

Fun little word exercise!

Arlee Bird said...

Enjoyed the interview. It was kind of funny since that blog had some of the most bling and buttons and such of any blog I've seen. It took an hour to load the page. There are still leftover buttons hiding in my screen since I left the page.

Tossing It Out

Angela McCallister said...

Thanks for the heads up on your guest post. It was a great interview, LOL. Glad I've returned from home in time to catch it.

BTW, I accidentally cheated on the game. It's not my fault the mouse double-clicked the whole post so all the answers highlighted at once! Truth is no one is in the room. I just felt funny talking out loud to myself ;)

Pat Tillett said...

Oh crap! Another game I suck at. If it's memory, I right up there. I'm one of those people who can't EVER see the image in the 3-D poster. Or the steer's head that also looks like Jesus....
Seriously, my wife always laughs at me because I can rarely ever figure out the meaning of "vanity" license plates...