Friday, August 20, 2010

The Movie Game Answers

She probably doesn't get tired of hearing this but congrats to Passionofthemom for being unstumpable (yup I made up a word). Also a big shout out to Pat Tillett for scoring his first points, I knew he could do it. It's time to party!! There is only one more round left, oh no!

Easy - Link: Terminator: Salvation & 10 Things I Hate About You (1 point)
The Dark Knight (Christian Bale & Heath Ledger)

Medium - Link: The Bucket List & Behind Enemy Lines ( 2 points)
Unforgiven (Morgan Freeman & Gene Hackman)

Hard - Link:The Muse & American Splendor (3 points)
Arlington Road (Jeff Bridges & Hope Davis)

Challenge - Link: Misery & Cold Creek Manor & House on Haunted Hill (5 points)
Way of the Gun (James Caan, Juiliette Lewis & Taye Diggs)

The actor/actress links are Passionofthemom's answers.

Link: Mark Ruffalo to Brad Renfro
Mark Ruffalo is in In the Cut with Kevin Bacon who is in Sleepers with Brad Renfro

Link: Jennifer Jason Leigh to Jamie Lee Curtis
Both are in Grandview USA together