Friday, September 4, 2009

Superhero Accessory

The new fashion fad for next year is going to be capes. I'm starting my own cape business, now everyone can be fashionable along with magicians, superheroes and eccentric, rich old geezers. I will probably be up and running by the beginning of 2010. Here are some of my different cape ideas:

  • Fireproof cape - geared towards firefighters and home safety

  • Glow in the dark cape - for clubbing and night time fun

  • Waterproof cape - to wear in the rain or pool

  • Stain resistant cape - for clean freaks

  • Mini cape - for the vertically challenged, kids or don't like full size

  • Look at me cape (with lights and sounds) - for attention whores

  • Floatation Device cape - in case you're on the Titanic

  • Parachute cape - may come in handy

  • Bib cape - for the fancy baby

  • Groomsman cape - an addition to the top hat and cane

  • Purse cape - with pockets so women don't need to carry a bag

  • Roll-up cape - rolls up into a pouch like a hood for when you don't need it

  • Blanket cape - is thicker for the colder nights

  • Advertising cape - market your business

  • Animal cape - a penguin would look awesome, it already has the tuxedo

I want to give partial credit to my buddy Dustin Horton for creating these brilliant ideas. We got bored on the way back from a sales conference in Pittsburgh and started talking about capes for some reason. We talked for like an hour about it in detail and were laughing hysterically. I think the monopoly guy could use a nice cape. If you have any creative cape suggestions please let me know. This is definitely going to catch on........well probably not.


Jibba Jabba said...

I am particuarly partial to the idea of the purse cape. I for one would wear one if it meant that i didnt have to mess around with a handbag. I hate them and always lose them because i put them down to dance around. This problem would most certainly be alleviated if i had a purse cape.

You're onto something.

I was thinking maybe an edible cape for when you're caught short and ae experiencing some hunger anger - no-one wants that.

Sylvia Plathypus said...

OMG, loving the Doug Funnie and Porkchop graphic!! xD I loved that show before stupid Disney took it over. One of the 3 ORIGINAL Nicktoons, along with Rugrats and Ren & Stimpy....*waxing nostalgic* Le sigh. ANYwho! The glow in the dark cape would also be helpful for search parties in the woods, or to put on a kid who likes to wander the neighborhood at night. (Like I was....LOL) Can't wait to see your capey awesomeness up and running! ;P