Monday, January 23, 2017

Questions for Sesame Street

A questionnaire sent to Sesame Street:

Why do you talk in the third person? It confuses my children.

Cookie Monster
You have no nose. How can you enjoy cookies without being able to smell them?

Big Bird
Do you regret the steroids you took when you were younger?

Oscar the Grouch
Do you poop in that trash can?

The Count
Enough with the numbers. Why don't you switch it up and sing the alphabet?

Are you in a homosexual relationship with Gonzo from the Muppets?

Is is true that tinkerbell is your 2nd cousin?

Does Ernie swallow?

Is Bert a tender lover?

Is that trunk good for a rub 'n' tug?

I hope they respond back.

7 comments: said...

I suspect that if Bert and Ernie pleased each other, they wouldn't spend so much solo time in the bath with Rubber Ducky.

DEZMOND said...

well, aren't some of them naughty?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I wonder if that makes Grover an alien as well?
No question for Kermit? That's right, he's now a Muppet.

Adam said...

They are just good friends

who sleep in the same bed

Birgit said...

I heard Big Bird already had a triple by pass so I think that is the answer. Why do you think Oscar is so grouchy plus he must really stink the high heaven. I think Elmo got between Bert and Ernie which is one reason why Elmo speaks in such a high pitch...oh and Elmo swallows

Mark said...

While we're at it I want to know if the Swedish Chef is actually Swedish and, if he is, if his papers are all in check and up to date.

Pat Tillett said...

Well, Hello there! Good to see you out and about.
I always thought that show should be X-Rated!