Friday, July 30, 2010

Vacay: Day 5

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I went on vacation in the beginning of June and I'm only on day 5 of it, man I am slow. I actually have to backtrack to day 3 because I totally forgot to mention something. Nicole and I went buffalo riding on the beach. Can you believe that, they had buffaloes in Virgina at the beach. You probably don't believe it and you shouldn't because I am lying like a cheap rug. We actually went horseback riding on the beach. A bit more believable?

We saw them on Friday when we were walking down the boardwalk and thought it would be cool to try it out. We trekked by the little stable and got the phone number to make an appointment for the next day. I called early on Saturday and made an appointment for 4 o'clock. The guy on the phone emitted the intelligence of Gomer Pyle. I wanted to give us enough time because we had the murder mystery dinner that night. We also had a coupon for $5 off each person for half hour ride.

We arrive a few minutes before 4 to see three people going off for a ride. They took our appointment!! The guy's said that he thought they were us. Ummm, we had an appointment for 2, there were 3 of them and they just walked up and you assumed they were us? Nicole and I were pretty pissed. The guy fumbled through the appointment book and was like "oh, sorry about that." We had to wait a half hour to go for our ride. Since they were douches we got an extra $10 off plus our coupons.

I'll tell ya, I have never ridden a horse before. I've been on a pony twice in my life and those were in my younger days. Riding a horse is not as easy as it seems. Somehow I picked the stubborn horse, his name was Red Bull. Nicole got the big ass horse named King. I think RedBull was tired and didn't want to take another trip across the hot sand. They had to pull him along a few times but he got goin' eventually. One of the employees told me to kick him hard to go fast. I kicked and he bolted, it is a bumpy ride in the sand. I don't know how people ride bareback. It was fun but next time I need to remember to put on suntan lotion.......OUCH!!

I look sexy in a helmet, right?

For day 5 I assume we went back to the beach. I have a hard time peeing in the ocean. What, you don't go #1 in the ocean? I wasn't walking back to the hotel to take a leak when the ocean is right there. If the whales and fishies can do it then so can I. I need to be very still in order to take a piss. The motion of the ocean makes in very difficult. I have to stand in with the water knee level in order to do my business, then I wash off in the water. If you saw me standing there I probably would have a really odd look on my face.

For dinner we decided on Hooters. I had only been to Hooter once in my life and I believe Nicole had never been. We were poppin' her Hooters cherry. I got the spicy jack wings which were tasty but not hot at all. Also after about 8 of them they got a little sickening but I hate wasted food so I forced the last 2 down. I think Nicole got a burger. I have no idea how it was, I'm sure I had a bite but I can't give any opinions on it. I'm sure it was tasty.

I probably shouldn't give a review of the Hooters' girls cuz I will most likely get into trouble. All I will say is that they are "equipped" to work there. You should at least go to Hooters once to at least check it out.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The last time I was on a horse, it was the meanest one of the bunch. He bit me, the other riders, and the other horses!

Daisygirl said...

Your horses name was Red just that name would scare me! But horseback riding is so fun! yep the helmet is totally sexy! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

I am confused about something though you started your vacation back in June but you are only on day 5? Day 5 of posting about it or like you've been on vacation for 2 months????

Also a friend and I are starting a BlogOscar blog...please come by and follow we need some guys over there!!!

The Invisible Seductress said...

I have to figure out how to put these awards on my site..I tried once but I'm an idiot...This vacation looks like it rocked!!

Anonymous said...

You guys looked adorable!!! I am terrified of horses...I don't want to be...but they seriously skeeve me. You make it look great though..YAY for Hooters!

Ian said...

They got Buffalo Riding at VA beach? Was going to say where the heck was that.

Cruella Collett said...

You look like a natural born cowboy (I'm only a tad disappointed you weren't actually on a buffalo, or better - a giraffe!). And with regards to Hooters - I'm impressed at your lack of review of the staff... said...

Did you wear the helmet into Hooters? Sexy, yes. PS What about the cheesecake pancakes?

Pat Tillett said...

Did you buy a cowboy hat yet!
Great story and photos...

rite said...

New follower from one of the friday blog hops!!! Hope you have a wonderful friday!


PS i also host a weekly blog hop... feel free to check it out!

Cheeseboy said...

Alright, I'll admit, the horsebacking helmets made me laugh. I wonder what real cowboys would think of those?

It does look like a fun vaca though.

Unknown said...

How can somebody mistake three persons for two? That's crazy. Looks like you guys had a great time. Nice pictures...:)

Nippy The Penguin said...

looks like you had a great time and although you had to wait I am sure you loved saving even more money lol.

Chuck said...

Nice pictures of the poop bags on the horses! That stuff would be a bad time on the beach. Love me some Hooters hot wings with a view!