Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something Fun About Me

Guess what everybody? Today is my 26th BIRTHDAY!!! I will be expecting a card from each and every one of you in a week's time. I prefer cash over personal checks. Since today is my b-day I am going to share something about myself that you probably didn't know.

I have a giraffe obsession. Why you ask? Why not? They are a cool looking animal. It all started somewhere in my teens. I always joked that I wanted a pony for my birthday or Christmas. One year I thought I would be funny and ask for a giraffe. Well I got one. No, not a real one but that would have been awesome. I think it was a stuffed animal or something.

From this Christmas on I received something giraffe orientated every year, up until a few years ago when my mom couldn't find anything else giraffe related. It was a humorous tradition and I still have most of the stuff I got.
Here is the list.
  • A Toys R Us Geoffrey stuffed animal that talks. My dog attacked its voice box one day so it doesn't work anymore.
  • One of the first toys I got was a plastic mechanical giraffe that walked when you flipped it's tail up. Again my dog attacked this and broke it.
  • An African wooden giraffe mask, that my brother sat on and broke in half. I glued it back together.
  • A plastic giraffe mask that can be used for Halloween or costume party.
  • A beanie baby giraffe named Twigs.
  • A key chain giraffe. All it's fur is gone. Its pretty worn but it's still on my keys.
  • A ceramic giraffe side table.
  • Four plastic giraffe figurines.
  • Giraffe picture frame.
  • My background on my ipod is a giraffe
  • I have a cute cartoon giraffe in my phone.
  • I am following a blog called The Giraffability of Digressions. Giraffablility is my new favorite word.
I think that's all I have giraffe related. The only thing I don't have is giraffe clothing. I should at least have some giraffe boxers.

Here are some cool facts about giraffes that you might not have known.

  • They have 17 inch black tongues
  • They can lick their own ears.
  • They have no vocal chords.
  • They're necks have the same amount of bones as a human neck.
  • They cannot swim
  • They can kill a lion with one swift kick.
  • When a baby giraffe is born is has to fall 6 feet.
  • They have 4 stomach compartments.
  • They are one of the few species of mammal to perceive color.
  • Both sexes have horns, although the horns of a female are smaller.
  • They can go longer without water than camels.
  • They can run up to 35 mph (56 kph).
  • They sleep about 1.9 hours per day.
  • Like human fingerprints, each giraffe's coat is unique
I have never seen one up close before. They are always at a distance at the zoo. I went through the safari at Six Flags last year but the giraffes were being shy and were too far away to really get a good look. Is it legal to have one as a pet?


TS Hendrik said...

Happy Birthday man!!

Giraffes seem like a healthy obsession to me. I heard that they have an incredible system of veins in their necks so that when they bend to get a drink of water it regulates their blood pressure which has to pump extra hard to get up that long neck. Otherwise they'd have a stroke.

Also they like cheetos.

The Invisible Seductress said...

I have always loved them too!!!!! Garanimals has a lovely array of giraffe attire. Although now that you're 26.....

Happy Happy birthday!! Hugs to you!!! You are a wonderful man and I am glad I found you!!

Golden Girl said...

this is MY man

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Happy birthday! And licking my own ears sounds interesting.

Sadako said...

Happy birthday!

Giraffes also have the most gorgeous eyelashes. Ever look at one? Totally great.

Also, have you seen this? It's creepy but it involves giraffes.

baygirl32 said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY!

I fed a giraffe at a zoo once, didn't much like the feel of its ginormous tongue on my hand though

Chuck said...

PTM just for your birthday I am posting something quick over at my blog just for you. As ironically I went to the zoo for my Birthday last month just cause I wanted to. Happy b-day dude!

Crystal said...

I have to follow your blog, based purely on the title. Anyone who recognizes the merit of cheese deserves an awesome birthday. Hope it was great! said...

Happy, happy birthday, Powdered Toast Man!!
Love from me and Geoffrey (he wants to tongue you).
One of your many fans,

Sylvia Plathypus said...

Aww, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! So sorry I missed out. =( But to make it up to you, I'm gifting you with the link to this video about giraffes that amuses me to no small degree. I hope you enjoy it, and that you had a really fawking fantastic birthday!!! =)!v=TVLcQUc552A&feature=related

(If the posted link won't take you to the video, just hit up YouTube and type in SNL Giraffes. The yellowpeachfuzz person has the best one, though none of the versions are super great, unfortunately.)

m. said...

Haaaaaaapy Birthday.

Come to Australia.
We have the best Giraffe enclosure at the zoo.

Debbie said...

Giraffes are so cool!
You won't be getting a card from me because you are far too young. But I do hope you had a great birthday.

Cheeseboy said...

I was just going to recommend that blog for you and then you linked it anyway.

Our giraffes at our zoo get so close to you that they had to widen the pit between the giraffes and the people. I think it was because people were feeding them leaves.

One last thing... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Cruella Collett said...

Happy birthday! Wish I had been around yesterday so I had been able to say it on the day, but better late than never, right? Your giraffe list sounds something like mine. I have a complete set of coffee mugs, a 3D puzzle giraffe, many stuffed giraffes, a giraffe poster, not one but two giraffe tote bags, giraffe chopsticks, a giraffe pencil case.... The list goes on. My personal favourite, though, is a giraffe made of old beer cans, bought at the Museum of African Culture in Washington D.C. I *heart* it!

And thanks again for the mention :)

PS - that giraffe video is AWESOME! :D

PPS - if I had your address I would send you a belated giraffe birthday card. I have quite the collection of giraffe postcards too, of course ;)

Shannon said...

Happy Belated Birthday :-). Oh, and Golden Girl...hell yeah he is, claim him!! (love it!)

The Man-Cave said...

Happy Belated J-Money! Sorry I missed this post earlier in the week.

Tree said...

Happy Belated Birthday! My 13 yr old twinnies just celebrated theirs on the 18th. I LOVE giraffes too...not quite as much as you though. LOL I never knew most of that about!

Thanks for stopping by for Cheeseboy's interview too!

Tree said...

By the way, I don't see a place to "contact" you, so shoot me an email at regarding Supahstah Saturday!