Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Deserve an Award and So Do You

I have received another award to add to my stockpile. Geof over at ETMC (Enter the Man-Cave) has been gracious enough to give me the Versatile Blogger award. I have received this award before from Kimberly @ A Spicy Boy, a Cat and My Fat Ass but I will accept it again.

I never participate 100% in the award giving aspect so I thought I would finally dive right in.

The rules for this award are as follows:

- Give thanks to the person who nominated you
- List 7 things about yourself
- Give this award to 15 of your favorite bloggers

Wait a second. I cheated a little by copying and pasting the above rules from Geof's post and I realized it says "the person that nominated you". Does this mean that there is a final vote? Do I not get the award yet? Let's pretend that I won and forget that the word nominated was ever mentioned.

I would like to thank Geof over ETMC for bestowing this fantastic award on me. I wish it was tangible so I could put it on my mantle with my Perfect Attendance Trophy from 5th grade and my 3rd place plague for most boogers picked in 11 grade. I might have those grades backwards. Geof is one of my first followers and I have been lucky enough to guest post on his blog. Go check out ETMC when you have a chance, you will especially like it if you dig horror movies.

Now on to little known facts about me (little known to the blog world, well known to friends and family)

1.) I pooped in the shower once when I was younger trying to fart.

2.) My dad passed away when I was 12 back in 1996 of Diabetes.

3.) I love cinnamon

4.) I have the best future wife anybody could ask for.

5.) I was caught looking at porn in the library by the librarian in high school.

6.) My first car was a 1984 Monte Carlo (piece o' shit).

7.) When I was 14 I lost my eyesight almost completely and it hasn't been the same since. (The details are for another post sometime in the near future).

Damn, now I have to pick 15 of my favorite blogs?!? That is a lot. I want to recognize some blogs I have been following for awhile and some that I recently found. They are in no particular order, I don't play favorites here.

8.) The Non-Review - I have been following T.S.'s blog for awhile now. I try to read everything he writes. I think I only missed some posts when I went on vacation. He is very original and creative and I am proud to say that I have guest posted for him. I know I probably have given him an award in the past but he deserves another.

14) The Blog O' Cheese - Cheeseboy is hilarious and you never know what he is going to write next. I try to visit his cheesiness as much as possible, I can't get enough of his antics. He recently did a vlog from inside a Mcdonald's playland when he hit 300 followers.

6) Kitty Tells It As It Is - Kitty is a very talented and awesome writer. She writes about her life and gets you hooked right away. She doesn't post that often but when she does it has to be read.

9) Apocalypse Now - Chuck gives his take on daily events, news, media and whatever he finds. It's humorous and original. He is a loyal reader and his blog is under the radar. Go give him some love and say that I sent you.

2) Crazy Penguin Ramblings - Nippy, I actually know outside of blogger. He is one of my buddies at work. His blog isn't well known and it should be. He focuses a lot o video games and movies. he is very smart and is full of useless knowledge. Go check him out.

4) Livin the Dream - I don't know remember how I stumbled across this blog but it blew my mind when I read one of the posts. Stylez writes about some crazy stories. They are pretty intense and right in your face. I don't know if all the stories are true but they are highly entertaining. His last post is called My Butt Period. Check it out on your own risk.

10) Stupidation - Mr. Stupid has a talent for taking mishaps in his life and turning them into pure gold. Some of the stuff he writes you won't believe but you will be rolling from it.

1) The Giraffability of Digressions - Cruella Collett loves giraffes just like me, 'nuff said.

13) Pat Tillett - Pat is a very talented writer. The stories he tells are amazing. He also posts pictures from his travels that are awesome. He somehow always captures whatever he is taking a picture of perfectly.

5) Life by Chocolate - How can I not give Robyn an award? She is my new blogger buddy. She is always leaving me funny comments and emails. She might need to go to CA (Chocoholics Anonymous) soon. She recently let me guest post on her blog and it was a rawkyn good time.

3) The Invisible Seductress - Seductress is always turning mundane events into super funny and wacky posts. I never know what to expect when I read her blog. She sure can whip up a good tale.

12) Something To Talk About - Passionofthemom has some serious movie game skills. She almost always gets all the answers. Her blog is highly entertaining and you should stop by it sometime.

15) Finding Neverland - Margg writes some beautiful poetry and it always makes me think. She is very insightful and she is an Aussie.

7) The Stupid Bet - Reputation @ Stake is like T.S.'s twin, they both have similar personalities. Rep @ Stake is guest hosting a lot on The Non-Review. He is very clever and original. I just realized I haven't been over to his blog in awhile. Time to pay him a visit.

11) Road Rage!! - We have all been in those awful driving situations that make you want to pull your hair out, well Sara writes about those experiences with utter disdain for her fellow drivers. I read her posts and I think 'that just happened to me'. Her blog is new and she needs more followers.

Man, it is tough giving out 15 blog awards. Now I have to make sure to contact everybody. I urge you to check out at least one of these blogs that you are not following. Spread the love but not the STD's.

Go vote on The Battle of the Cereal Mascots if you haven't already, go HERE.
My goal is 25 votes. Your vote counts.


Cheeseboy said...

Congrats to you and to me. Thank you, thank you sir.

Daisygirl said...

Congrats on the award....the rules blow I know lots of work linking up crap!

Laughing hysterically at your 7 random things! Cinnamon, porn, and a crappy car what more could you ask for?!

Happy Hump Day!

Marlene said...

Laughing my ass off at #1...because I'm immature like that. :)

Pat Tillett said...

Congratulations and thank you!!!
Your blog is awesome and you are a talented guy!

I can also appreciate all the work it took to put out this post...
I'm happy to say that I already follow 10 of the 15 blogs you recognized, I'll be sure to check out the other 5...
thanks again!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your high school library carried porn? That's not fair!

Cruella Collett said...

Congrats on your award, and thank you so much for passing it on to me! Us giraffans must stick together!

Kal said...

Yeh, I didn't want a stupid award anyways. Stupid stupid awards.

baygirl32 said...


Nippy The Penguin said...

thank you for the award I am so not worthy .

Chuck said...

Thank you kind sir...and I love cinnamon too!!!!

TS Hendrik said...

Thanks man, you rule!
I'm really interested in hearing about your almost going blind. How bad are your eyes now? said...

Buddy, why'd you have to blow my cover about my chocolate issues? Actually, I did go to a CA (Cocaine - similar but different to chocolate- Anonymous) meeting once for a class assignment. But this is not about me. It's about you. You are awesome! Thank you! Now that we're all here, it's time to start the party in celebration of your 104 followers! (Plus, there's Kal moping in the corner. Every party has a pooper.)

m. said...

why thank you, very muchly.

you do deserve this :)

Sylvia Plathypus said...

Gracias, señor! Usted es verdaderamente un dios entre los hombres, y se merecen este premio, junto con tantos otros. De mayo de Neptuno brillan en su cosecha, y que el pájaro en la mano vale dos en el monte. Acepto mi premio con el honor y el orgullo posible, y no puedo esperar para ver quién responde. Pasar una tarde agradable y tranquila!

{[(TRANSLATION: Thank you, sir! You are truly a god among men, and deserve this award along with so many others. May Neptune shine brightly on your harvest, and may the bird in your hand be worth two in the bush. I accept my award with the utmost honor and pride, and can't wait to see who responds. Have a pleasant and restful evening!)]}

Unknown said...

Congrats on your award. And thanks for passing it on to me. Those are some amazing bloggers. I have come across a few of them and love their blogs.
I love Cinnamon too. Smiles...

Anonymous said... that the librarian caught you looking at porn! Naughty Naughty!

Sara said...

Thank you for the award! Life has been hectic lately, but I will try and get this up asap!

Btw, just as I read #1, I had to pick up the phone at work. Needless to say, I now work for the " Services".

Reputation@Stake said...

Thanks so much, PTM! You totally deserved this award, so it was an honor to receive it from you.