Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vacay: Day 2

I left something out of my day one post. On the way to Virginia we had to drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. It is an engineering masterpiece, 20 miles in length and has 2 mile long tunnels. It is known as one of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World. Water depth along the route range between 25 and 100 feet. I am truly in awe of this bridge. I don't know how they built the tunnels underwater. It is definitely a cool site if you are ever in the area.

Aerial view of one of the tunnels

Lanes split into separate parts before tunnels

I could just do a whole post about this bridge. If you find architecture cool then you should google the bridge and read more on it. It has won awards.

So on our second day of Summer Vacation 2010, Nicole and I hit the beach. Who knew that Virginia Beach had a beach? We didn't have to go far, our hotel was right across the street from the beach, a quick 5 minute walk to get a tan. I'm white as a tan ghost and I burn easily so we rented a cabana at the beach. It's sort of a half tent cave type contraption. We could fit our 2 beach chairs, half our blanket and the cooler in there. Kept us out of the sun and in the shade. It was a good $20 investment.

We ventured in the water soon after we set up camp. The agua was nice and warm, well warm as far as oceans go. We brought boogie boards but there weren't really any decent waves to ride. I was content with body surfing. We stepped on some crabs that may or may not have actually been rocks. It was a beautiful day for the beach and so very relaxing. I started a book that I had been meaning to read, I will probably review it in the last post or after my vacay posts. Five hours at the beach equals no stress. I recommend it.

For dinner we went to Captain George's Seafood Restaurant. It was highly recommended by the locals and rated the #1 seafood buffet in Virginia Beach so I was pretty excited. They had over 70 buffet items. Tons of seafood to choose from, stuffed clams, deviled clams, oysters rockafellar, catfish, flounder,crab lets, mussels, all kinds of shrimp and more. Unfortunately Nicole doesn't eat seafood except for crab legs but there was non seafood items, chicken, ribs and whatnot. I mainly stuck to the seafood because I don't get to eat it that often. I stacked up 2 plates worth and then hit the desserts, I didn't really have room but I was willing to cram something else in my tummy. There were 2 tables of dessert, carrot cake, German chocolate, strawberry shortcake, flan, cookies and much more. I stuffed myself to the brim and couldn't eat another bite. In retrospect I wish that I took my time and ate more seafood. It was delicious and I highly recommend to those of you that eat seafood. I am glad I picked this place. I love food!!

This is pretty much the extent of day 2 or basically just the stuff worth mentioning. For those of you looking for pictures, I will post them in later vacay posts or just do one picture post. I haven't decided yet. Day 3 will probably post tomorrow or Monday.


Pat Tillett said...

What could be better? A day at the beach and an awesome seafood dinner! I used to work back there, but somehow I missed the bridge and tunnel. said...

Great pictures, and seafood in mass quantities is heavenly. Of course, I would've splurged more on the German chocolate cake, but that's just me. Glad you enjoyed.

Amber said...

Long bridges terrify me. I think I'd have a heart attack crossing that thing.

This post really made me want some seafood. Like a lot of seafood. Right now.

m. said...

i am so jealous of you.

Chuck said...

A day at the beach and a seafood buffet??? That sounds like a great way to start a vacation. I will take one vicariously as you post...please continue.