Monday, June 28, 2010

Trivia Corner Reboot #10 (Final Round)

I hope that everyone's weekend was filled with leprechauns and rock band. This is the last round of Trivia Corner. Tomorrow I will declare a winner. Let's see what you got.

RULES: I will only accept EMAILS, do not post your answers in a comment. Let everyone have a fair shot at guessing the answer. You are welcome to leave comments as long as you don't write any answers in there. Email answers to No cheating!! Using the Internet takes the fun out of the game. Have fun!

You earn points for correct answers. They are tallied on the side bar (left side). The winner gets their very own blog post written about them by me. Just ask Asblackasobama about his prize, go ahead don't be shy. Actually read the trivia first, send in your answers then you can ask him.

1) What are the Mudi, Sloughi, Xoloitzcuintli, and Leonberger? (worth 2 points)

a) Names of cities
b) Extinct insect species
c) African Tribes
d) Dog breeds
e) Moons of Neptune

2) 'A' is the first note on a standard piano keyboard. What is the last note? (worth 3 points)

3) What hard-hitting major league baseball player named a son Shea after the first home stadium of the New York Mets? Clue: He wasn't a Met. (worth 4 points)

4) In the world of creepy crawlies, what is a slowworm? (worth 4 points)

5) For what trade did Revolutionary War hero Thomas Paine serve a six-year apprenticeship as a teenager in England? (worth 5 points)

Answers post tomorrow. Get you answers in before it's too late. Who is going to overthrow Nippy? I'm tired of that Penguin being on top.

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