Wednesday, December 23, 2009

School's out for........ winter

I took my last final last night so this semester is in the bag. No more school for a month. I can concentrate on other things like blogging which I am way behind on. One post a week just isn't cutting it. I am still getting a lot of traffic from people Googling "dirty mad libs." I don't care how they get here as long as they do.

Anyone remember the video game Battletoads for NES? Well my fiance gave me an early Christmas present and you guessed it, Battletoads. Man that game takes me back to elementary school. I remember that game being so awesome. I played a little the other day and it was just as I remembered. Battletoads had pretty advanced features in the game like picking up weapons, turning into a wrecking ball and having giant feet to crush the enemy. Someone should remake that game for Xbox 360.

The sequel game, Battletoads: Double Dragon was pretty sweet too. I love playing old video games. My mom bought that after market system that can play both NES and Super NES games on it. It plays the old games like brand new, you don't even have to blow into them. My games have been sitting up in the attic collecting dust until this year. They hadn't been played in years and they worked right away.

I want to try and re beat all 3 TMNT's and Yo Noid! Some of those old games are hard to beat because you can't save your progress so you have to play all the way through. It's kind of funny that if the NES system or the game didn't work all you had to do was blow in it or bang it a little, worked every time. Nowadays if you're not careful you can burn a hole in a PlayStation or Xbox game. Technology has come a far way but has gotten way too sensitive.

I can talk for hour on this subject of old video games but I'm gonna stop here but you can reminisce with yourself about the good old days.

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California Keys said...

I remember turning into a wrecking ball to destroy those crows while descending down into the rocky cavern.... Or destroying those large robot things and then using their legs as weapons....