Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Thoughts

Anytime I think I have a good idea for a blog post I text it to my blog and it gets saved as a draft. A lot of times I never end up doing anything with it because there isn't enough info to talk about. I decided to compile what I had sitting in my drafts section and created this: Random thoughts and questions.

What is up with the Rockabye Baby nursery rhyme? Does anybody else think it is screwed up to sing a song about a baby in a cradle falling out of a tree? Go ahead, sing the song, I'll wait........... And down with come baby, cradle and all. My point exactly.

Is it pronounced Pet-Smart or Pets-Mart? Smart shopping for your pet or a mart for your pets?

Do you think that Wile E. Coyote has a line of credit at the Acme store? Or does he have an Acme credit card? If he does have one, does it earn him points for free stuff?

Who grows up wanting to be a Proctologist? You know what? I want to have my finger in strange asses all day long. It's probably good money but when do you decide to focus just on the ass?

In Kohl's there is a ladies section called Petites'. For some reason the apostrophe is outside the 's', doesn't that imply ownership? The woman's section doesn't have the apostrophe on the outside of the 's'. I don't get it. What does the petites section own?

Why is it as a guy I can name at least 5 tampon brands? I bet a woman can't name 5 makes of a circular saw. Damn advertising getting into my head.

I saw JimmyJohnson (the football coach) doing an Extenze commercial. Is he hard up for cash or does he have a problem?

Does the Three Men in a Tub nursery rhyme see strange to you at all? Why are 3 grown men bathing together? I am not homophobic but I don't ever see myself bathing with 2 other dudes. Maybe if I was like 4 and I had 2 brothers. Was there only enough water for one bath and they decided it would be okay to wash together?

Where does the money recovered from criminals go? From what I have seen on tv and movies, it gets stored as evidence. So it stays in a box in a room forever? The cops or government don't divvy it up?

Ever see a 'fallen rock zone' road sign? Why do I need to know that rocks have fallen here? If I need to be cautious, shouldn't it read 'falling rock zone'? So one rock falls and hits a car and it's deemed a fallen rock zone?

Do people born blind from birth dream? If they do, what do they dream about? Are their dreams shaded black or white and do they know the difference? Do they only dream about sounds and noises?

I always thought the lyrics in Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann's Earth Band were 'wrapped up like a douche.' The line is actually 'rewed up like a deuce.' The original Springstein lyric was 'cut loose like a deuce.' I was always so confused, who wants to be wrapped up like a douche? Why are those the lyrics? I finally have the answer and so do you.

Feel free to answer any of the questions. If you haven't played today's Trivia Corner, it's just one post down under this one.


Ally said...

I love this! Pets Smart, ha ha ha! Don't fret, you and everyone in the world says "wrapped up like a douche" they even have a book about it called "'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy" misheard music lyrics :)

Samantha said...

I can't name 5 tampon brands & I have to shop in the Petites section sometimes. I guess they own us Petite people :)

Kristy said...

I think Wile E was a paid spokesperson. That's the only way he could possibly afford all those anvils.

The Invisible Seductress said...

Great post!!! I love random thoughts!!!!

Shannon said...

So I'm not the only one who always wondered what asshat would be singing about a douche...I suddenly feel so at ease...

Copyboy said...

I assume Wile does in fact have a credit. My question is does he get frequent flyer miles?

Pat Tillett said...

Yes, I sang are right. I think a lot of nursery rhymes have odd lyrics.
the nurse holding a beer while entering the examination room was yelled at by her boss the proctologist "I said get me a BUTT light...

Sylvia Plathypus said...

First off, LMAO @ the Beating Around The Bush! Hysterical...=)

@ Rock-a-bye baby...I remember hearing once that this was some kind of parallel for when the smallpox plague was scouring the population...I don't really see how it relates, but that's what my history teacher passed unto us. LOL Have never heard (of) the Three Men In A Tub rhyme...but I'm pretty sure I would find that super homotastic. LMAO

And I too have ALWAYS wondered about Pets Mart vs. Pet Smart, and about Wile E. Coyote, and the Fallen Rocks road sign!....xD Great minds think alike, eh? LOL Also, I've spent a good deal of time thinking about whether or not people who are born blind can dream like we sighted folks do or if it's only sounds...but have never had enough cojones to ask someone straight out. Guess the world may never know! =)

That song 'Blinded By The Light' cracks me the fuck up!! It plays at work ALL THE TIME, and I generally have to excuse myself from the register so I can laugh at these dudes singing about douche. Because I REFUSE to believe that they're saying 'deuce'...I know douche when I hear it!! LMFAO

Absolutely ROLLING about the Proctologist bit, and it's a good point!!! (LMAO Just not with the ass finger....keep that shit pointed elsewhere...Hee Hee!!)

You know those government-type bastards line their pockets with that shit...what else would they do with it?

LMFAO @ Jimmy Johnson on Extenze...

IDK what you mean about guys being able to name 5 tampon brands...I can't even do that!! To be honest, I think there are only 2 or 3 really major ones, anyway...and I can name a shitload of power tool brands, but only because I slaved, I mean, WORKED, at Home Depot for almost 2 years. WORST 2 years of my life, lemme tell ya'!! Home Depot is da' DEBIL!! LOL

And I never noticed the Petites' ownership at Kohl's....I think my next course of action is going to be heading over there to Kohl's and demanding to see the owner of the Petite section!! LMAO That should be fun...xD

(Was that long enough?? LMAO Sorry, I DO go on, don't I....) ;P

Sylvia Plathypus said...

You should REALLY make a meme out of's flippin' hilarious!! I know I would hit it once a week...;) Just saying! LOL

Me said...

I was really intrigued by the blind people who dream thing..I'm cracking my head over that one :P And LOL at the tampons and the misunderstood song lyrics!


Ha ha! Apparently you're the only one that can name five brands of tampons.... lol

This video is why they have those signs....

Take a look at this landslide video too.... It's crazy!

Another great post!!!!!

Sara said...

Is Dewalt a brand of circular saw?? I should know better. My Uncle is a contractor, and I used to do jobs with him. All I remember is that you have to hold onto what you are cutting or else it will back fire on you and hit you in the nuts.....I take it he never worked with any girls on the job before. *slaps forehead*

Best. Post. Ever. said...

These are very silly.

You must be a wonderful fiance, whose had to make many a run to buy tampons.

I think the apostrophe after "petites" serves to prevent shoplifting. It suggests there are a bunch of sneaky little people, who own the place, lurking around. Don't mess with them. Then again, hidden cameras might be more effective.


m. said...

I can't believe you compared tampons to circular saws.

Jerry said...

This was hilarious. But I think Wile E Coyote has a line of credit at Acme and I think Roadrunner is the spokesperson.

Sylvia Plathypus said...

LMAO @ Margg.!!!!