Monday, May 24, 2010

Amy Adams or Jenna Fischer

I have recently watched some movies with Amy Adams and Jenna Fischer in them. I thought I was looking at the same person. To me they look alike. Can you tell them apart? In the two pics below, one of them is actress Amy Adams and the other is actress Jenna Fischer.

Who is who?

Did you figure it out? To help you with placing them in something you've seen, here are some things they've been in:

Amy Adams: Julie & Julia, Night at the Museum 2, Doubt, Sunshine Cleaning, Talladega Nights

Jenna Fischer: The Office, Walk Hard, Blades of Glory, Slither, Employee of the Month


The Man-Cave said...

There's something about Jenna that I find so attractive even though she would not be categorized in my typical hottie category. Girl next door appeal maybe? Amy is really pretty and all, don't get me wrong, but Jenna gets the edge.

For the pics, Jenna is on top and Amy is on bottom. No I'm not trying to be dirty, I swear. said...

I think Geof is right. Jenna's got the bigger face and is the one on top. Make of it what you men will.

TS Hendrik said...

I have no problem telling the two apart. They do have similar features, but I prefer Jenna in general.

Gemma said...

amy adams is the ginger one. I'm assuming Jenna Fischer isn't ginger- i have no clue who she is though...

Pat Tillett said...

I thought they were the same person, because I don't don't know who either of them are!

Anonymous said...

That's a very old picture of Amy on the bottom. There's some resemblance but Amy is the prettier of the two.

Kristy said...

Not sure who Jenna Fischer is... but I know Amy's on the bottom.

Copyboy said...

Amy is a bit more talented in the drama world that Jenna. But that's just me.

Contemplating Cadie said...

They're cake to tell apart! But Isla Fisher and Amy Adams a little trickier:)

Jerry said...

I have to agree with everyone. I can see the similarities but I can tell them apart and yes Jenna is hotter.


Jon Krasinski dated them both on The Office, ended up marrying Jenna Fischer....

Jenna Fischer is way hotter.... Amy Adams is still hot though.... I'm not a fan of the short hair though, so the look in Julie and Julia didn't impress me.... The movie was good though.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Julia & Julia, and both my wife and I swore that it was Jenna Fischer, we were shocked to find out it was Amy Adams

Unknown said...

I was watching Sunshine Cleaning with some friends noticing a resemblance between Amy Adams and Jenna Fischer as well. It's just not the looks, it's the mannerisms, the way they speak, etc. Actually one of my friends ended up pointing it out before I did. I do in fact remember her from the boat episode of the "Office" and wondered if they picked her because of her resemblance to Fischer. Yeah, I am not amazed that the two of them are not at least cousins.

Unknown said...

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