Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trivia Corner Reboot #5 Answers

Congrats to Geof @ ETMC for racking up 11 points this round by getting all the answers correct. Jerry still holds the #1 spot, nobody was able to de-thrown him. Maybe next week. Here are the answers you have been waiting for.

1) How many chemical elements on the periodic table are represented by a single letter? (worth 2 points)

a) 3
b) 22
c) 41
d) 0
e) 14

2) When baseball phenom Barry Bonds joined the San Francisco Giants in 1993, he wore a size 42 uniform jersey. What size was the scandal-tainted slugger wearing ten years later?
(worth 4 points)

Size 52. During the same period his shoe size increased from 10 1/2 to 13.

3) Where on your body is there a helix and an antihelix?
(worth 5 points)

On each of your outer ears. The helix is the prominent rim around most of the outer ear, the antihelix is the curved inner elevation in front of it, but separated from it by a depression known as the scapha.

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California Keys said...

How am I only in 4th place?