Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Battle of the Game Show Hosts: Semi Finals: Round 2

Bob Barker showed no mercy for Marc Summers in last week's battle. Bob won 8 votes to 3. Marc hired Happy Gilmore to take out Bob with a chair but Bob was ready and knocked him out with some Plinko chips. After his loss Marc was forced to watch Freddy Got Fingered with live commentary from Tom Green for cheating.

The next battle is almost underway. This is the last battle before the final battle folks. Who will face Bob Barker? Okay there is the bell. Where is Chuck Woolery? I'm told he ate some bad fish tacos and has been in the bathroom for the past 15 minutes. While we are waiting let's talk with Pat Sajak.

Are you ready for this fight Pat?

I was born ready. I have a hypothetical question. Let's say I poisoned Chuck's tacos, would that be grounds for disqualification?

Most definitely Pat. That's rule number 23 in the rule book. Did you poison his tacos?

No, no, no. I was just curious..... I need to find that antidote.

What's that?

Ummm, nothing, never mind. (Pat runs off mumbling)

Ok, Chuck is finally out of the bathroom. He doesn't look so hot. Let's see if we can get a word before he enters the ring.

How you feeling Chuck?

Not to good. No more eating food I find on the floor.

I don't want to hear anymore. Go get in the ring.

Chuck Woolery
Pat Sajak

Things you didn't know about Chuck:

- Cut and styled his mullet when he was younger
- Is allergic to bologna
- Doesn't know how to tie his shoes, he has to hire someone to do it
- Has a fear of dragonflies
- Used to buy his coke from Toucan Sam
- Has the 2 girls, 1 cup video on blu-ray
- Is one-sixteenth Smurf

Things you didn't know about Pat:

- Has never had chocolate ice cream
- Is in a band and plays the recorder
- Ate a whole box of Q-tips on a dare
- Contrary to popular belief, he coined the phrase "I pity the fool"
- Doesn't know who Abraham Lincoln is, never heard of the name before
- Was once married to a hermit crab for 7 hours
- Loves the band Hanson

Time to cast your vote. Make them count. The person you pick is going up against Bob Barker in the final round next Tuesday. Polls will close Sunday at 11:59 pm. No flash photography.


margg. said...


just because he has a funny last name :)

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I just can't, in good conscience, vote for someone who has never had chocolate ice-cream. Gotta go for Chuck.

Nippy The Penguin said...

Gotta go with Pat, can never trust a smurf even a 1/16th smurf

TS Hendrik said...

Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck...!!!

Hopefully my comment will sway others to join in.

Steve G. said...

Chuck Woolery! Sajak is such a hack. He barely had to do anything on Wheel of Fortune, and his talk show flopped badly. (He was decent in Airplane! though.)

Jerry said...

I am voting for Chuck. Pat wouldn't be shit without Vanna.


Chuck Chuck Chuck!!!! Damn it TS! No! I go with Sajak!


lol.... In those pictures, Woolery looks like Leno and Sajak looks like Kermit the frog!