Friday, May 28, 2010

Weird Laws: Part Se7en

Before I show you some odd and humorous laws, I have a few announcements. First, Pat from Pat Tillett bestowed a new award on me. It is called The White Russian Award, now bask in it's glory!!

If you haven't visited Pat's blog than shame on you. It is full of great life stories and awesome pictures. Click here to go check it out, then come back to read the rest of my post.

Secondly, I wasn't even paying attention but I hit 300 posts at the beginning of this week!! Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday that I was talking about my 200th post. I will post something special next week for my 300th post of awesomeness.

Now onto the next installment of The Weird Laws of the U.S.


It is illegal for idiots to vote. This is the best law by far. So Georg W. Bush can become president but he can't vote?

In Deming it is illegal to spit on the steps of a public building. Where are the hobos suppose to hock their liquor loogies?


In Sag Harbor it is illegal to disrobe in any wagon or automobile. Just robes? I can take off my pants and underwear, right?

In Sag Harbor it is illegal to bathe unless wearing a bathing suit or covering. Would a sock covering you-know-where count as a covering?


It is illegal to be a professional fortune teller. Good thing I'm only an amateur and don't have my fortune teller license yet.

It is illegal to serve alcohol at a bingo game. You know how rowdy those senior citizens can be when they have had to many Irish Car Bombs.


In Devils Lake it is illegal to set off fireworks after 11 p.m. What if I light the fireworks at 10:59:50 and they go off after 11, are they going to be strict about that?


In Akron it is illegal to display colored chicks for sale. This sounds racist. I'm not sure if they mean women, chicken or peeps.

In Canton it is illegal to maintain an electrical fence. How else am I suppose to keep out all the wild ostriches?


Until late 2006 tattoos were illegal in Oklahoma. If you got caught giving or having one, what was the sentence? Was there a fine? Jail time? Or sand blast it off?

It is illegal to promote a "horse tripping" event. Is this similar to cow tipping?


It is illegal to test ones driving endurance on a highway. Take that Dale Earnhardt Jr.

It is illegal to leave your car door open longer than is needed. "So what are you in the slammer for? "I left my car door open 2 minutes too long, I got 6 years."

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Farmers Wifey said...

I love America.

Me said...

Oh wow! I LOVE the first law about idiots not being allowed to vote!:P And seriously? They banned tattoos in a state and made them illegal..?@! Oooookay..!

And congrats on the award :)

TS Hendrik said...

Tattoos illegal? So they put you in jail and then wait by the exit when you're paroled because you obviously will be a repeat offender.

The Invisible Seductress said...

.....I'm still basking in the glory...Can I stop now? Or is there a law against ending a basking session prematurely?

Pat Tillett said...

that's a lot of posts. great job on that!
I love the New Mexico law..that should be in place everywhere!

So get started on the next 300....


I love Pat's blog! Keeping your door open is illegal? Is it using too much energy? What is going on with our laws?

Cheeseboy said...

Pat rules.

I wonder how they determine who is an idiot.

Donda said...

WELL CRAP! The electric fence was keeping my colored chicks from running away. I ain't gonna make no money this way!

Chuck said...

I guess when I lived in Canton my electric fence was illegal...who knew!

Contemplating Cadie said...

I'm thinking the sock isn't going to cut it, then again... maybe it will for you?

The Man-Cave said...

Haha I love these! Where does one attend classes to be a pro fortune teller?

And your response to "In Akron it is illegal to display colored chicks for sale" is hilarious.

Steve G. said...

While it's the opposite of a law, up until this past year Rhode Island law had nothing preventing underage girls from stripping. As a result, there was a rumor that there were 16-year-olds at one place. It was false, according to the Providence Journal, but lawmakers hastily passed a law because of the whole thing. said...

Your comments are even more amusing than the ridiculously amusing laws themselves.

m. said...


Bernadine said...

I don't know how I've missed this post...

"It is illegal to test ones driving endurance on a highway" this is a good one. Most South Africans test their driving endurance on a highway, believe me. If that was a law here there would have been no cars left on the South African roads.

You should enjoy your day. :)