Monday, January 25, 2021

More capes!!!


This was one of my original posts from 2009. I wanted to bring capes back in style. I had some ideas for stylish and multipurpose capes. You can read the original HERE.

I figured I would bring it back and come up with some new cape ideas.

Robe cape - You can finally wear your robe outside of the house without feeling weird.

Teleportation cape - Boring conversation with the in-laws? Not anymore.

Invisibility cape - Very popular amongst burglars.

Insult deflection cape - #1 seller to stand-up comics and female teens.

Edible cape - You never know when you will need a snack.

Hammock cape - Stylish and comfortable.

Auto-defense cape - Has an electric current running thru it to shock rapists and muggers

Air conditioned cape - In the summer so you can still rock the cape.

Charging station cape - Has several ports for all your electronics.

Speaker cape - Connect your phone or ipod for surround sound. 

Spare pants cape - You never know when you are going to need a pair.

Disposable cape - Comes in many different colors.

Chair cape - Becomes rigid for when you just need a rest.

Sports cape - Display your favorite sports team

Resistant band cape - Use it to exercise


Birgit said...

Do all these capes belong to Batman or does he share with Superman?

Janie Junebug said...

I'll take a robe cape, please, combined with an invisibility cape. That way I can be comfy on a cold day, and still make my burglary rounds. So far I've only "visited" about half of the houses in my neighborhood.


Ananka said...

These are certainly great capes. I dare to ask the cost? I'll put an order in for the Chair Cape please.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'll take the teleportation cape but I want it air-conditioned. And in black.

Liz A. said...

Ah, but if the auto-defense cape has an electric current running through it, how does it not shock you?

yellowdoggranny said...

one of the first things I bought for my great grands was a cape..capes are matter the age..I have one in the back of the closet.

Andrea said...

Well I have been considering bringing my capes back out for occasional wearing, but they seem so dull now that I have read your ideas! said...

One's missing: sitting Bernie in mittens cape. I'll fly with that one.

Shockgrubz said...

Digging capes, as costumes consume me. Those would all be worthy of a test run. The only one missing is the back/shin scratcher cape.

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