Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Salute To Genius

I have been trying to think of something clever to add to my blog to be original. I just read some posts at Geof's blog: Enter The Man-Cave, and I am jealous that I didn't come up with what he wrote. I would totally steal his idea if I was more of a douche bag but alas, I am a good person......son of a bitch! If you have never visited his blog you should. He posts spam emails that he gets and the humorous replies that he sends back to them. I wish I was that clever. I will hit the drawing board and come up with something great.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I have surpassed 3000 visitors!! So many people to thank, well that might be hard, I don't know everybody's name that visits 'Just the Cheese.' I can thank the 9 followers I have though, you care, you really do. I told myself I wouldn't cry.......

I'm not sure where I was going with this post. I first wanted to give props to Geof but then didn't think any further than that. It seems this is just turning into a late night rant. Maybe it will go somewhere and maybe I will just ramble on about absolutely nothing.

Here's a random thought that I have had before. Have you ever used the word DIABOLICAL in a sentence without referring to a movie, tv show or comic book villain? It seems that word is only meant to be used in corny superhero shows. I can picture Robin saying it in the old Batman show with Adam West.

The only reason that word popped into my head is because I heard Claire Daines use the word PARADOXICAL on The Colbert Report. I thought that can't be an actual word, she just made that up. Sure enough, it is a word. I have never heard anyone use it before. I am going to try to fit 'diabolical' and 'paradoxical' into the same sentence this week. Wish me luck!


Unknown said...

Good luck with that sentence. I'm eager to hear what you come up with. I bet it will be diabolically paradoxical. Whatever that means.

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Good luck!!! :o)

California Keys said...

Diabolical is a staple in my vocabulary....

Jerry said...

Wasn't George Bush considered a diabolical fiend by many? =)