Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today is National Senior Health & Fitness Day

I'm sick of all these odd holidays that we have. Who created them and why? This month alone, there is Nerd Pride Day, National Taffy Day, World Turtle Day, Cookie Monster's Birthday, Turn Beauty Inside Out Day, and much much more.

Here are 25 holidays that are on the fence. Will you see them on the calendar soon?

Hug a Porcupine Day
Bring a Waffle Iron to Work Day
Give a Stranger a Wet-Willy Day
National Moon Your Boss Day
Lick Your Neighbor's Toaster Day
Act Like Your Favorite Animal Day
Speak a Made Up Language Day
Carry Your Toothbrush in Your Mouth Day
Steal a Car Day
Wear a Raincoat in the Shower Day
World Spatula Week
Beat Your Figure Skating Rival with a Tire Iron Day
National Pee in the Pool Day
Ride a Hippopotamus Day
I Can Believe it's Not Butter Day
Aunt Jemima Appreciation Month
Bounce Your Rent Check Day
Tape Over Your Wedding Video with Hardcore Porn Day
Jaywalk Naked Day
Wear a Cape to Work Day
Give Your ATM Card Pin Code to a Random Taxi Driver Day
Scream Obscenities at Kids in the Park Month
Eat Only Spam Day
Tickle a Stranger at the Gym Day
Pretend You're Dr. Kevorkian Day

Which one do you think is going to make it? Oh yeah, help your Grandma work out today. Some squats and bench presses will do the trick. Here is the site with all the real random and weird holidays.


Bernadine said...

You know as long as the government gives us the day off I don't give a damn what kind of holiday it is!! :)

Cute post. :) Enjoy your day Jamie.

Nippy The Penguin said...

ooh ooh Ride a Hippopotamus Day day could be interesting but as long as they are all paid holiday's bring em all on lol.

TS Hendrik said...

I like the lick your neighbor's toaster day.

I still want a holiday devoted to Bubble Wrap. It's the one thing that internationally is loved.

Guilty of Gossip said...

Im just not sure about bring your waffle iron to work day? Wouldnt you just end up with an office full of appliances and no batter? this seems like an issue to me.

Copyboy said...

Aunt Jemima Appreciation Month? Really?

Chuck said...

Speak a made up lnaguage day would sure cut down on meaningless BS conversations...or would it?

Pat Tillett said...

I could easily eat pancakes everyday for a month.
Aunt Jemima for me!

by the way...
tomorrow morning in the a.m. there's gonna be some original bling waiting for you.

Cheeseboy said...

I'd love to be the stranger at the gym. I vote we keep that one.


Every September 19th, I celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate day!