Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Movie Game

THIS IS THE LAST ROUND OF THE MOVIE GAME FOR THIS SERIES!! Nippy has been on top for way too long. I am adding some bonus questions to this round so almost anyone can win the grand prize. Please only EMAIL me your answers. No putting answers in a comment, don't ruin it for everyone else. Email answers to The winner gets to create their own movie game next week. That means I can participate for once. The answers will post Friday morning and the winner will be declared.

f you have never played before or need a refresher, read ahead...

I present you with two movies, for example: Independence Day and U.S. Marshalls. The object of the game is to link them together using another movie by connecting the actors/actresses. The link in this case is Men In Black using Will Smith from Independence Day and Tommy Lee Jones from U.S. Marshalls. Now they all aren't this easy and sometimes there are multiple answers. The questions range from easy to hard and sometimes I like to throw in a challenging one to test those true movie buffs. You earn points for correct answers and I keep track of every one's points on the side of my blog. There is going to be a prize awarded to the winner. GOOD LUCK!!

Easy - Link: Analyze This & There's Something About Mary

Medium - Link: Men in Black & Me, Myself & Irene

Hard - Link: The Monster Squad & Office Space

Challenge - Link: The Mask of Zorro & Step Brothers & Deja Vu

Bonus: What movie with Keanu Reeves is the only movie I have ever saw twice in the theater? (worth 5 points)

How many DVD's do I own?
Hint: between 1 & 1000, whoever comes closest gets the points (worth 7 points)

What 1987 movie was the first DVD I bought? (worth 10 points)


Bernadine said...

I'm gonna take a change and answer the last 3 questions. Go check your mail...

Sylvia Plathypus said...
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Sylvia Plathypus said...

Ooh, this has been FUN! That Challenge one was damn hard, but I finally figured it out! =) Will be emailing you shortly...thanks for the awesome game! ;)

Copyboy said...

Again, I got the first one.


We just got the Netflix for the WII.... No more need for DVD's.... I can stream every season of 21 Jump Street from my WII!