Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Random Thoughts and Junk

How are we growing seedless watermelons without the seeds from the watermelon to grow them? That's like women giving birth without any eggs in their ovaries. Are these watermelons being artificially inseminated?

I learned that peanuts are used in the making of dynamite. Are people that are allergic to peanuts able to handle dynamite? "No, it wasn't the dynamite that killed him, it was his peanut allergy."

If the Hulk cut off Thor's hand, could he pick up the hammer using Thor's hand? Also if Thor is holding the hammer can the Hulk pick him up?

Do you know that the average cloud weighs 1.1 million pounds? I bet you are Googling that to see if it is true. I'll wait......... blew your mind didn't it?

When is the last time someone heard a car alarm going off and thought the car was being stolen? Let's do away with the car alarm, it doesn't work.

Are the flowers that bees are pollinating consenting to being pollinated? Or is it flower rape?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Maybe the watermelons are being raped?
Car alarms are useless in a parking lot. I think someone might notice a car driving down the street with its alarm still on though.

Andrea said...

Clearly I am not going to be able to sleep tonight with all of this to ponder!

Mark said...

I never thought about how I never respond to car alarms anymore. I also just never hear them anymore, so maybe that's it. Perhaps car theft has come down so much that deterrents are no longer needed.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Dang, clouds are obese. They really should try Jenny Craig. It worked for Oprah for 2 days.

Good to see you again, PTM.
Hope you and yours are well.

HRBennett87 said...

I literally had to go look up the seedless watermelon thing. Bothered me too much.

Apparently they straight up HAVE to be grown as a genetic mutation. Seedless watermelons are sterile so they literally have to trigger the mutation each time.

"By contrast, seedless watermelons are grown from seeds. These seeds are produced by crossing diploid and tetraploid lines of watermelon, with the resulting seeds producing sterile triploid plants. Fruit development is triggered by pollination, so these plants must be grown alongside a diploid strain to provide pollen." - Wikipedia

A Beer for the Shower said...

I still laugh when I see those old school sunvisors, the ones that have THIS IS AN EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL 911 on the back side. Except the person puts it that side up, so it looks like their car is in a perpetual state of emergency. Has one of those stupid things EVER saved someone's life?

Pat Tillett said...

I was just pondering the "which came first, the watermelon, or the seed" quandary, and something broke in my head. Thank you!