Friday, September 28, 2012

Rant and thou shall be saved

I have not ranted in a really long time. It is time to express my feelings about the annoying dumb asses of the world. I recently just moved to Connecticut from New York, about a month ago. I am not going to tell you what town/city because I have enough stalkers already and I cannot fit anymore into my busy schedule. Now I thought New York had terrible drivers, most of them speeding all the time and always in a rush. I have quickly learned that Connecticut has worse drivers. In the Connecticut driving manual there must not be a section on how to use a turn signal. I am almost certain that drivers in Connecticut don't even know they have a turn signal stalk attached to their steering wheel. I am just going to cut across three lanes of traffic and you will be notified exactly as I am doing it. And I am not talking about turns that are slow and you know they are turning. I am speaking of the ones that seem spontaneous and abrupt.

Besides not knowing how to operate a turn signal there are many motor vehicle operators that cut you off like they are in a hurry just to turn onto the next street. Wait your fucking turn!!! I am boggled by how much terrible driving goes on in Connecticut. I have said this before but I think that people should have to retake their driving test every 5 years. Maybe that would cut down on bad drivers. Driving gets so frustrated when you are surrounded by assholes. I apologize for this rant if you live in Connecticut and are a terrible driver.

On second thought fuck you if you live in Connecticut and are a terrible driver.


Mark said...

I don't really see that many terrible drivers. I doubt I could live in a city full of them. It's no wonder there are so many accidents when you consider what crazy bastards are driving.

Birgit said...

I traveled around the New England states and the turn signal was rarly used. I understand your plight and think the next time you should stop them break off the turn signal and shove it up their brains and tell them what it is:)

Ms. A said...

I can only imagine how chaotic the DPS would be, if you had to retake the driving test every five years. It's bad enough now!

Al Penwasser said...

My daughter absolutely HATES drivers who don't use their turn signals (and she's only 18).
Having grown up in Connecticut (and gotten my drivers license in the gulag which is the Bridgeport Department of Motor Vehicles), you are absolutely right. The drivers and roads make for excruciating travel through one of the smallest states in the nation. If you haven't had the pleasure of driving on I-95 in the summer from Milford to Guilford, you will. And you will fill the air with all manner of Anglo-Saxon expressions of goodwill.
We haven't seen a good friend of ours since he disappeared in a pothole on the Connecticut Turnpike somewhere near Norwalk.
Of course, Pennsylvania aint a whole lot better.
Plus, we have Amish buggies.

Shockgrubz said...

I will now realize that I've transported to that state when I see people driving badly, which is every day.

Chuck said...

Welcome to my world. As if a 8-lane highway across the north side of Dallas didn't make driving crazy enough...the DOT has embarked on a Bataan-length project to gobble the remaining right-of-way into a 10 and 12-lane behemoth that will soon become America's version of the autobahn...except with more death and destruction. I hope we have flying machines by the time this work is done.

Baby Sister said...

OH MY GOSH. I HATE when people don't use their signals!! It absolutely drives me up the wall!!