Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Battle of the Game Show Hosts: Semi Finals: Round 1

We are down to the final four contestants. We are so close to a winner, I can taste it. It tastes like butterscotch and a cigar mixed together. In the last round Alex Trebek got trounced by Pat Sajak. Trebek didn't have a chance. Sean Connery was going to help Sajak win by putting a beehive filled with angry bees down Trebek's pants but Sajak didn't need any extra help. After Sajak won, Connery put the beehive in Trebek's limo. He was heard by fans saying "Suck it Trebek."

Are you ready for the next round? I can't hear you. Okay, I stopped vacuuming, what did you say? I hope you are all wearing your battle bracelets that I made you. Here comes the next round.

Bob Barker

Marc Summers

Backstage Comments:

"I'd rather fight that four-eyed nerd Drew Carey, he doesn't deserve to host my show."

"I had sex with Marc Summers' mom, aunt and sister all in the same night."

"Richard Dawson murdered Rod Roddy, I have proof."

"I am not allowed within 100 feet of Vanna White."

"That Powdered Toast Man is the shit, have you read his blog?"

Backstage Comments:

"I thought Bob Barker died."

"Anybody want a pickle pop? I'm buying."

"Why does it smell like butterscotch cigars?"

"I took a dump in Barker's limo"

"I was offered the role of Iron Man but I turned it down because Abe Vigoda said it was a bad idea."

Time to cast your votes. I am only accepting bribes in the form of purple or blue marshmallow peeps. And no flash photography, Marc is easily frightened. Polls close Sunday at 11:59 pm. The next round of the semi finals between Chuck Woolery and Pat Sajak will happen next Tuesday, don't miss it.


The Invisible Seductress said...

I would lick Bob Barker like a Cat licks her kittens....No,,,,not really....But I do want to vote for him!!!

TS Hendrik said...

I had planned on making a humorous comment, but then I read T.I.S.'s comment and now I'm lost.

What an odd thing to say. lol

Anyways, I vote for Bob. This seems like a lopsided battle, cause Bob's the man!

Green Monkey said...

I am ill from the thought of licking Barker...but Bob and Kittens is adorable. I'm voting for mr. animal luva

Lindsey Buck said...

This made me laugh. A lot. It sounds like how the inner workings of my brain go at 3 am when I've had too much Mountain Dew. Suck it Trebek! So classic. Love it. - Lindz

Copyboy said...

Bob has a mean right hook (ala Happy Gilmore). No one can kick his ass.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Adding my vote for Bob as the next contestant, with a guess of $2.95.

Sadako said...

Go, Marc Summers, go! Love me some Double Dare.

Jerry said...

I have to say I would go for Bob, after all, he kicked Happy Gilmore's ass.

Nippy The Penguin said...

sigh im gonna have to go with marc summers just so the guy gets some support.

Sara said...

I am gonna have to go with Bob Barker. Marc Summers may have youth on his side for this match, but an old man with nothing to lose and a mouth full of polident is more dangerous than the obstacle course on Double Dare!


Marc for the Pickle Pop! Bob already has everything.... Throw Marc a bone!