Friday, August 14, 2009

I have a dream....

So it’s about four in the morning, I’m kind of tired but I don’t want to go to bed and I’m bored. I usually stay up until 6am watching movies because that’s what I do. I can’t even blog this correctly because the internet is not working so I’m writing this on Mircrosoft Word. What’s even funnier is that we still have dial-up, I know who still uses that, it’s like having a pager (unless you’re a doctor) and believe me it’s a freaking pain the ass. Unfortunately I live in east bumblefuck where apparently internet companies scarcely install good connections, so dial-up is the best we can do. I would do some channel surfing but I’m currently recording Blindness and the tv doesn’t let you change the channel, it has to stay on the channel you are recording. I hope the movie is worth my boredom.

Any who I wanted to give some advice or share my thoughts or some crap like that. I have something called a Dream Book sort of like a journal/diary I guess where I write down….well my dreams. I jot down things I want to accomplish in my life and stuff I would like to do or to learn. For example my last entry dated 8/04/09 was “go on a game show”, I’ve always had a dream to be on The Price is Right, Bob Barker is my hero. Not so much now though since Drew Carey took over, it’s not the same without Bob. Anyway I don’t know if I’m ever going to be on a game show but It’s fun to think about.
I picked up this idea at my last sales job back in 2006 and it helps keep my thoughts down on paper. I have serious stuff in there like owning my own home and silly stuff like having enough extra cash to buy a pony. I don’t even know what the hell I would do with a pony if I actually got one, I guess just to say that I have one. I read all my entries all over again every so often to keep me on track with my goals. If I actually accomplish a goal I go back to that entry and write down the date and mark it as done. Come to think of it there aren’t a lot of things I have accomplished in that thing, I should probably get off my ass, stop blogging and do something productive……..naaahhhh.

The last thing I sort of succeeded in doing was learning how to juggle, you never know when you need to entertain a 7 year old. I haven’t mastered it yet but I got the gist of it. I saw a juggling kit at the mall last year for $8 and I had just wrote it in my book so I was like what the hell. I practiced here and there until I could do it consistently, I believe my record is 28 consecutive balls in the air….. I’m still working on it. I put my application in with Barnum and Bailey, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Believe it or not a lot of stuff you think of to do and you don’t put on paper, you forget. I’ve read my book over several times and there is always something that I forgot I put in there. Now if you don’t have any goals or aspirations in life then this probably is useless to you and you should probably throw yourself out a window for being a waste of life. To make it more fun I cut out pictures out of magazines and glue them in for visual effect. Some of them I forgot to date and was like when in the hell did I write this? It’s tough to reach your goals if you are not always looking at them. It’s not truly a goal unless you put it in ink because then you can always change it to meet what you are doing. It’s okay if you don’t reach your goal but it’s bad if you don’t have one to reach at all. It kind of sounds like I know what I’m talking about, I’m just as surprised as you are. I’d write a book but I’m just stealing ideas other people have taught me.

The point of all this is you need to be working towards something or do you really want to being working at Walmart the rest of your life? I love Walmart but I don’t want to work there (sorry if you do, my bad.) Life is too short to waste it on pointless shit, get out there and make things happen for yourself. Stop surfing the internet for free porn and do something with your life and put your pants on for pete’s sake!! Well if you learned anything from my ranting that’s good enough for me and if anyone knows Bob Barker tell him to call me so we can talk about dropping the restraining order.


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