Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well it seems that I have my own blog now. For some reason I wasn't good enough to write for Brian's blog anymore. I feel that he was threatened by my creativity and wanted the spotlight all to himself. Whatever, it's his loss anyway. I can't give a list of movies coming out in the next few years but he can write about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I guess it is for the best, he was changing my work anyway to what he thought it should say. Nothing is ever good enough. Well at least i have a job, it might not be a good one but I am employed. Don't get me wrong I think Brian is very creative and I do enjoy his work. I'm not trying to bash him, I'm just expressing my feelings about our short lived blog relationship.

Well that's enough bitching out of me for right now, let's talk about something else. So you might be wondering what the title of my blog is all about "Just the cheese...," I stole it from a Dane Cook stand up bit. If you know it great but I don't have time to sit here and type the whole joke out, well i do have time but I don't feel like it. I will try to find a clip of it to post but I'm not promising anything.

This blog will probably be comprised of a lot of movie references and reviews and whatnot. I love movies, it's my biggest hobby so I am going to want to talk about it. If you love movies too then that is awesome. If not then maybe you will be enlightened and educated with what I have to write. It will also have just random crap that I think of every week. You can also expect a lot of humor and sarcasm as you might already be aware of from reading my few posts. I highly encourage your feedback in the form of comments and emails. If you think I suck then tell me, if you enjoy what you read tell your friends.

I told my girlfriend last night that I have my own blog now and she wasn't too fond of the idea. She thinks I'm going to spend countless hours blogging like Brian does. Well she is probably right, it is very addicting. Nicole if you are reading this I will try not to become obsessed with writing blogs. Nicole is the best but that is a story for another post, sorry squish. I probably should be doing something more productive, now what could that be.....?

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i fix it cuz u write stuff like "am i employed" and dont realize it. Good luck with it though...