Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Death by Roller Coaster

I spent all day at 6 Flags yesterday, mostly at Hurricane Harbor but I did go on some of the rides in the park. I went twice last summer and this is my second time this summer. I'm not going to bore you with details of the whole day so I will get right to the juicy parts. First off prices are always ridiculous in amusement parks like $3.50 for a bottle of water and everybody is a sucker because what else are you suppose to do? That isn't the worst of it. It was getting about that time to eat something so we decided to get some pizza at the Papa John's they have in there. You figure since it's in Six Flags that the prices would be slightly inflated like maybe $4 or even $5 for a slice of pizza. Well for one slice of pizza hut tasting pizza it was $7.50!!!!! What the hell is this world coming to when you have to take out a small loan to buy some pizza?

That is just one grievance I have with the park but I digress. Whining about food prices wasn't my original point to this post. I almost died on The Great American Scream Machine!! For some reason there was no line for this coaster so Nicole and I got on fairly quickly. I don't know why there was no line, it's a pretty good coaster. After our first trip around we decided to go on it again since we didn't have to wait, big mistake on our part. Almost at the end of the train's run it stops on a platform to then go down a small incline and around the last loop. Well for some reason it wasn't building enough momentum and it barely made it around the last loop. The movie Final Destination flashed through my head, the one where some of them die on the roller coaster. It was some scary shit, everyone freaked out after we stopped to get out.
The eerie part of it all was that Nicole had a funny feeling about going on again. Next time share that feeling with your boyfriend so we both don't have to shit our pants.

One of my friends also told me that a few years ago she was on King Da Ka and the train didn't make it over the hill and it went backwards down the track. Instead of letting people off they tried again and this time it made it over. People should be required to wear some depends on King Da Ka. As a side note the new Bizarro coaster is pretty cool, it took the place of Medusa which I miss but what can I do?

I had an random thought while enjoying the day. Do dwarfs or little people get upset that they can't go on roller coasters because of their stature? Someone should build an amusement park just for the vertically challenged and it should discriminate against tall people. All the rides should be made to only accommodate little people (I want to say midgets but I know that's not politically correct nowadays.) I doubt someone will build one but it's a funny idea. If you do build it please credit me with the idea.

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Guilty of Gossip said...

omg i would have freaked out- i LOVE roller coasters but my fear is that one will stop like while its upside down or something ridiculous like that! What 6 flags were you at? philly area?