Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All polar bears are left handed...

How many people actually read something while in the bathroom? Well I usually don't except for this comical trivia book I have that I think I got for Christmas one year. It is packed full of useless trivia and information that is very surprising and humorous. It is The Bathroom Trivia Book, you can find it on The Bathroom Library website.
Ever wonder if rats can vomit? Well they can't, how would someone find that out anyway. I'm guessing taking them to a bar and getting them hammered.

Here are a few facts I thought were worth sharing:

Jaquars are scared of dogs

How many times can a woodpecker peck? 20 times a second

At 90 degrees (F) below zero your breath will freeze and fall to the ground.

The female praying mantis devours her male partner while mating

Bees flag their wings 300 times a second

John Wayne had an 18 inch neck

Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite

An elephant is not afraid of a mouse

A giraffe's tongue is black and 17 inches long

The worlds's biggest clam weighs five hundred pounds

The strongest muscle in your body is your tongue

An adult has 206 bones. A newborn infant has 300

Two out of three americans have hemorrhoids

Giraffes can't swim

Cat's can't taste sweet things

All polar bears are left handed

A spider has transparent blood

Baboons cannot throw overhand

An electric eel will short circuit itself if put into salt water

Western Europe is sinking at the rate of one inch every ten years

The average office chair on wheels travels about 8 miles per year

A newborn panda is smaller than a mouse

An adult moth never eats

Your hearing isn't as sharp on a full stomach

In Wilbur, Washington it's illegal to ride an ugly horse

A Lexington, Kentucky law says that you are not permitted to carry ice cream cones in your pocket

There are over 100 pages of these facts. Some are pretty ridiculous. How can I use this knowledge now....?

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Nippy The Penguin said...

I think I may have to track this book down to add to my already huge list of useless knowledge hehe.