Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nicole is the Best

This past August 5th marked the 1 ¾ year mark for Nicole and I. Time has gone by pretty fast. Well they do say that time flies when you are having fun. It has been loads of fun spending time with my squishy. “I will call you squishy and you will be mine, you will be my squishy. Here squishy, squishy. Come here, ow! That’s a bad squishy, baaad squishy!” Our pet nickname for each other is squishy from the movie Finding Nemo If you haven’t seen it then you probably should, it’s a great movie. I love Ellen Degeneres in that film, she is very funny. She isn’t in a lot of movies but she does have her own talk show, well at least I think she still does. What was I talking about….?

As Nicole would say “Nicole is the best.” I do agree with her statement but only when she isn’t being a butt. It’s hard to write something emotional without being side tracked by humor or sarcasm, cause that’s my natural instinct. I love Nicole Ashley Palladino or NAP for short which we love to do together. Naptime is my favorite time of the day or night, it ranks up there with sexytime and cuddletime. This might sound all mushy and lame to you but this is how I feel. There is no better feeling then when she lays her head on my chest before we cuddle or take a nap. It just feels right like we are two interlocking pieces of a puzzle. She makes me smile inside and out when she looks up at me with those big beautiful eyes telling me she wants kisses.
I wish we could fall asleep in the same bed and wake up together. Unfortunately we do not live together yet. I am trying to get a better job to make this happen but this economy isn’t making that easy for me. I hate to see her go so late at night, it worries me her driving half asleep back to her house. I do get that text later to tell me she made it home without hitting manbearpig (he’s real, just ask Al Gore.)

Sometimes when I’m feeling sad or lonely I just pop open my phone and look at one of the pics I have of Nicole, I do have a bunch (especially some naughty ones that you can’t see.) I wish we had more pictures of both of us but no one is ever around to take it for us. Where are the papparazzi when you actually need them? I guess it would help if we were celebrities of some sort. She probably doesn’t think I care about this kind of stuff but I do. I just don’t have the vagina in the relationship so I don’t talk about it all the time.

I am a big fan of boobs and Nicole is very equipped in that area, if you know what I mean. I could go on about this subject but I will just leave it to the imagination. Nicole is very cute and adorable. I catch myself looking at her when she isn't looking, studying her face and looking into her eyes. She doesn't realize how pretty she really is, but I do. I don't know if she believes me but she looks better with her hair up away from her face. For some reason she looks much better when she is showing off her ears.... yeah I don't get it either. She also looks very sexy with her hair wavy wearing big hoop earrings (again it's probably just me.) The point is I love everything about her and I hope she knows that.

I love spending the day with Nicole and just cuddling on the couch or laughing about nothing. I never know how much I really miss her until I see her again. We went on vacation to Virginia Beach in June (which is another story) and I figured that after a week of spending time with her that I would need a little break. Well after we got back and she went to her house I felt strange like something was missing, it was her, I had to call her just to talk. I could go on and on with things to say about her but this isn't the novel yet. I'll write that some other day.

Most of you reading this probably don't really care but it's really not for you, it's for Nicole. Don't worry, I will write about other crap soon. I needed to show my emotions and the sensitive side of me for once. Maybe you ladies that read this thought it was cute, whatever. So love the one you're with and tell them how much you mean to them even if they already know.


Golden Girl said...

that was nice squish. u already know i love it

passionofthemom said...

Aww, there IS a romantic in there!! ;) I think it's a very nice tribute to Nicole...she sounds like a wonderful woman! =) Kudos to you, PTM, for not being afraid of your squishy side...*wink wink*

Tree said...

That is SO sweet! Many happy years together for both of you....the hubby and I have been together 23 years and STILL feel the same way. ;)