Monday, August 17, 2009

Marshmallow Fluff


  • Very tasty snack
  • Made of marshmallow
  • Can fix a leaky sink
  • Can be used as whiteout
  • The Fluffernutter would not exist without it
  • Good sugar high
  • Great name for a snack food
  • Instant Santa Claus beard
  • Used as a good prank food like whipped cream
  • Hide other food underneath the table with it
  • Acts as a Nair replacement
  • Caulk around the bathtub with it
  • Give grandma a facial
  • Style your hair


  • A bit too sweet
  • Way too sticky
  • Actually I just tried and it cannot fix a leaky sink
  • Your high friends might mistake your homework for a snack after using it as whiteout
  • Extremely difficult to get out of the jar
  • Might have to explain to your coworkers why it looks like you have dried semen around your mouth
  • Terrible name for a kid
  • Very difficult to roast over the campfire
  • After a few days, having to deal with the smell coming from underneath the table
  • Girlfriend kills you after using Marshmallow Nair
  • Lots of insects in your bathtub

1 comment:

Nippy The Penguin said...

Fluff the universal compound, necessary to take over the world , Secret agent Logg uses the stuff for all his disguises or so I am told.