Saturday, August 8, 2009

If I had a nickle...

... for everytime someone thought that my tattoo was “spider-man”, I would have enough money to get another tattoo under it that says “this is not spider-man, do not ask if it is.” Well I guess I can’t be surprised about it, the general population is uneducated on superhero/comic book symbols and knowledge. I’m seriously considering getting a tattoo on my other arm of the spider-man spider just so I can have visual evidence of the differences between them all the time.
My ink is the logo from the band COLD, unfortunately they have broken up. I didn’t do it for the band, I’m not a die hard fan (If you're thinking Bruce Willis, I love the movie). I got the tattoo because I liked the spider and figured not many people knew of the band. Also in 20 years when no one remembers the band it will just be a kick ass arachnid.
In truth my favorite band is Green Day but I wouldn’t get a tattoo of them for that reason, that’s dumb. I get pretty peeved when people such as u, probably, think my tat is Tobey Maguire’s secret identity. I’d compare it to asking a fat woman if she is pregnant, you never get a good reaction out of that question.
So for all of u folks that haven’t seen the movie, read the comics or watched the cartoon, it’s time to learn some useless knowledge. I mean right now or the next time someone is gonna get punched in the baby maker.

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