Saturday, August 8, 2009

Party trick to get you laid

Okay here is a cool coin trick or riddle or whatever you want to call it First I have to say that this probably won't get you laid but don't knock your chances. Grab some coins, you are going to need 1 quarter, 1 nickel and 1 dime. It would help if you had a table or desk or something flat to put them on. Arrange these coins in a row, quarter, nickel then dime.

Now here are the rules and stipulations:

1. The object is to get the quarter between the nickel and dime.

2. You can move and touch the quarter.

3. You can touch the nickel but you CANNOT MOVE IT. (this includes moving it with any body parts or another object or the quarter.)

4. You can move the dime but you CANNOT TOUCH IT. (this includes touching it with any body part or another object or the quarter.)

Have fun trying to figure this out. If you get the answer feel free to post the answer as a comment. If you go completely crazy trying to figure it out and almost kill yourself then email me at

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