Friday, October 30, 2009

Sorry guys. you're wrong

I like to give advice from time to time, when I have advice worth giving of course. Something, I'm sure many guys are aware of but still need reminding, is that the girlfriend is always right. Now in actuality us guys are usually right but that never works out in our favor. No matter what you are fighting about it's not worth it to be right. You just have to swallow your pride, bite the bullet and say five little words: "Honey you're right, I'm sorry." Girls, you're welcome. Maybe I just averted a few unnecessary fights.

Guys you have to pick your battles. In the long run there is no advantage to being right. Even if you are right, in her eyes you are still wrong and she is still mad at you. Now what do both sides really want? For the fight to be over so you can have some good make-up sex. Really the only reason to put in your two cents is if she cheated on you or something of that nature. But even then being right is still a bad thing.

Stop having stupid fights over meaningless shit. Who cares who is right, it is not worth the agony. As a guy this is really hard to do but we want to make our ladies happy and it's going to involve some sacrifice. Next time you are about to have a fight think about what you really gain for being right....... nothing!!

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That's funny.... I was just watching the show 'Yes Dear' yesterday, and the show had that entire premise....

One guy said to the other: If I agree with her, what do I get out of it?

The other guy: Quiet..... Beautiful quiet....