Sunday, October 4, 2009

NASCAR BEEF part deux

I decided to post my NASCAR beef post on this auto racing/nascar discussion site to see if I could ruffle a few feathers. And it worked, I got a few negative comments about my post from NASCAR fans and I am currently in a debate with this one dude. Here is the link:
I know, long name but amazing results. He has made a few good points but I think I one upped him on my last remark. I love messing with people, they get so emotional and into it like you are making fun of their child. I wonder how long I can keep fucking with this guy. I think I do make a good point with my NASCAR beef post. I'm not sure why I keep bothering to CAPS LOCK nascar, it's not that important.

What I don't get is that nascar is the most followed sport by a fan.....even bigger than football. People check on stats of the drivers and buy all the stupid nascar shit, what gives, what is wrong with this world? Am I offending anybody sporting a mullet yet? I hope Obama doesn't like nascar, my position on the subject would be futile. I guess I will wrap this up before it becomes a short story. Click on the link and read up if you haven't yet, it's good times.

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