Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saw VI review

I have been waiting for this installment of the Saw movies since the last one disappointed me a little. This one was a tad in a half better than Saw V. The original Saw still trumps them all. Ever since they changed the policy on student discounts for the weekend I now go to the theater either on Sundays or Mondays. I don't have the same urge to go because I think everybody has seen the movie already and now my reviews are going to be written a few days later then I want them to be. Enough with my feelings on ticket prices, you started reading this for some sort of review. And we're off....

Saw VI basically starts off where the last one ends. If you still haven't seen the last one I will try not to ruin it for you. I think that Tobin Bell has some contract with the Saw films. Even though he died in the third one he still manages to make appearances with full dialogue, same for his helper chick (the girl from the show Becker.)

More and more pieces of the puzzle come together and loose ends are tied up. Remember the mystery chest from Saw V that Jigsaw's wife opened but we didn't get to see what was inside? Well they finally reveal the juicy secrets. The contents of the chest revealed that ................... yeah I'm going to be a douche and ruin the movie right here, what do you take me for anyway?

I'd have to say that this one didn't have as much gore as it's predecessors but maybe I'm just getting used to this gruesome shit. The main character is faced with more life altering decisions. The merry-go-shotgun was pretty screwed up, the one from the tv trailers. This review is going nowhere fast and I haven't even told you that much about the movie. Maybe that's what I meant to do so I don't spoil anything, yeah I'm gonna go with that reasoning. They are reviews you can't use, what did you expect?

It's definitely a fucked up movie. Who thinks of this crazy shit anyway? They must consult some serial murderers or they have some seriously disturbed writers on hand. I enjoyed this flick. 3.8/5 stars, don't ask me where I come up with my rating, it just happens.

Oh yeah, there might be a Saw VII.

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