Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Email Correction

Some fellow blogger recently informed me that my email was improperly stated. My email was listed as reviewyoucantuse@gmail.com when it's actually reviewsyoucantuse@gmail.com. I somehow forgot to put the "s" in reviews. The correct change has been made. I'm sorry for any inconvience this has caused to you, my readers. Please feel free to email me whenver you like. Thank you and have a pleasant and fun filled day.

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Phoenix Aquua said...

maybe that's why your not getting comments?

I had the same problem, or still do...and I go through alot of research for my posts.

However, most of my comments are emailed to me, then I post them appropriately myself.

view my blog and see the comments on the left side....

...at the end of each post or CL, put a link to your email so that way, someone will immediately comment, then you can post it yourself. Hope that makes sense...

Good Luck.