Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ooooo that smell, can't you smell that smell?

If you smelled really bad would you want someone to tell you? There is a new guy at work, let's call him Burt and he reeks of something fowl. I'm not sure if he doesn't believe in deodorant or he is coming from another job that requires him to bathe in fecal matter but he needs to take a long shower pronto. I had to work next to this man the other night and I could not stand his stench. I stayed as far away from him after I felt the nausea kick in. I can't pinpoint the smell but it kind of smells like really bad B.O. If by some miracle he reads this post I hope he gets my subtle hints.

On another unrelated note, do they make adult footsie pajamas? Remember the days when you sported the zip-up cloth body suit? I was told by somebody that they do make footsie pajamas for adults. Who is wearing these things? They cannot be fashionable although I would wear them around the house cause I'm always misplacing my slippers. I love slippers. They make boot slippers now. Need to get me a pair of those.

I have a somewhat good idea. The feet should be removable by like a zipper, snaps or velcro. I haven't figured out what would work the best though. I believe the zipper would be difficult and annoying and the velcro might lose it's stickiness after too many times through the wash. I think snaps would be the best option. I know my feet would probably get all hot and sweaty so I would need to give them some air by taking off the feet for a second. You can go and steal this idea if you want, I don't think it will actually catch on but if it does I get some of the profits.

These are things I think of when I'm at work to pass the time. My head is full of zany ideas. Let's make footsie pajamas happen for adults. To the drawing board!!


Nippy The Penguin said...

Guess who is gonna be workin along side good old burt this week? thats right its you , so sayeth the cookie monseter!

Brian said...

FOUL is an adjective. FOWL is a bird. This doesn't count toward your contest.