Monday, October 26, 2009

Nostalgia at it's best

Does everybody remember Celebrity Deathmatch? That show was awesome!! What ever happened to it anyway? I caught a marathon on MTV2 last night. In one of the fights Stone Cold Steve Austin killed Vince McMahon with a tombstone after of course he put him out with a stone cold stunner.

It would be cool if Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond were real people, they would make awesome hosts in real life. I thought that the show would make a good video game and I found it for PlayStation 2 but it kinda sucked. There were only a handful of characters and I never understood the controls. It was fun for a day then it got boring. I think I sold it on ebay. I love finding old tv shows. Good times, great oldies.

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Golden Girl said...

you wrote about celebrity death match???? stop writing blogss please