Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't @%&$ with Veterans

Now normally I don't blog about current events unless I'm involved in them but I heard something on the radio and I thought it was amusing.

A 21 year old dude went down to his local bar for a drink where a lot of the war veterans hang but forgot his ID. The bartender refused to serve him without identification which really pissed off this guy. As some sort of moronic revenge the man cut down the American flag from the VFW flagpole and set it ablaze.
The veterans in the bar at the time were not pleased at all. The veterans tracked this man down a few days later at a soccer game, confronted him and gave him three options: 1) They could turn him into the proper authorities, 2) Kick the crap out of him or 3) Duct tape him to a flagpole for 6 hours and hang a sign from his neck stating his crime. He decided on option number 3. After he served his punishment, the local VFW post commander said that he would never disrespect the flag again.

What a jackass!! I'm not really that patriotic and I would run off to Canada if there was a draft but I would never disgrace the American flag especially near the VFW hall. It would of been more embarrassing if he was taped tot he pole naked or in his briefs. It goes to show you how dumb the average person actually is.

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