Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just another Grievance

Blogging should be about your own ideas and thoughts. I have seen numerous blogs that just post a lot of youtube and music videos. I have a problem with these posts. It's lazy and unoriginal. People take the time to make their own video and certain bloggers are stealing their idea just to have people look at their blog. Anybody can just copy a link and post it. It takes some effort and creativity to make something worthwhile for others to read and comment on. You can't expect people to comment on your blog if you are just stealing other people's work. Now if you are posting your own youtube video then good for you and great promoting idea.

I am guilty of this myself but I think I have only one youtube video clip on my blog and it's a Jim Gaffigan stand up bit. I was just stealing someone else's stolen idea from Gaffigan but I didn't know where else to find the bit.

I take time and effort in coming up with my original posts. These are my ideas and thoughts. If you are going to post someone else's idea then at least write something about it. Tell us why you chose that video and give us some comments on it. There are too many lazy bloggers out there that are just looking for attention. You are ruining it for the rest of us. If you don't have any ideas for a few days then don't post some stupid crap just to post something.

Now there is a difference in posting just a random video with your own catchy title and posting a video because you want to discuss it. I respect people that want to write about something they found and are just using the video as visual evidence.

I know the point of blogging is to write about whatever you want but people need to be more original. I would hate to see blogging turn into just a different form of youtube. How do you feel about this subject?



On one hand I agree with you. But on the other hand,introducing your readers to fantastic videos that you have found on the internet, and writing your own funny take on the video, or even just taking a great video that hasn't been seen by everyone in the world (especially your readers), does add a benefit and makes for interesting posts....

Golden Girl said...

umm...a whole point of a blog is to put whatever it is u want on here for ppl to see.. u are doing that right now so i totally DISAGREEEE